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The Witcher 4 Is About to Appear? Or these are gossips?

According to the forecasts of the Polish analyst Matsui Kitlinsky, the role-playing game "The Witcher 4" will be released in late 2025. This is stated in a big report on the Stockwatch website. The assumption is based on the financial trends of CD Projekt RED and statements by the company's management about plans for the future. I would like to get a statement from as these guys know gaming business and meanwhile we can only guess.

"We predict that The Witcher 4 will be released in late 2025 and will receive two paid add-ons within the first year," the report says.

The analyst also believes that if the multiplayer component of Cyberpunk 2077 is successful, Polish developers will undertake the creation of an online project in the "Witcher" universe and present it in 2026-2027.