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While I think there`s plenty of blame to go around for all the controversy (journalists who are complicit, sites that abuse it for pageviews, etc etc) I find the idea that Giant Bomb should just be our wacky entertainment puppets to be kind of gross. This site is supposedly be funny and pleasant and entertaining, but it`s also not meant to be just a more goofy Gamespot. Giant Bomb has always had a deeper and more opinionated edge, and that should never go away.

While I agree that deep, concise stuff is great for the site, GB can't go low-brow one moment and high-brow when it wants to join the angry mob. Sorry, but if your editorial content (and that's what most of the site's content, from articles to quick looks to TNTs, is) is all over the fucking place, you should be called out for it, and GB is wildly inconsistent when they endorse a game that revels in vulgarity while waggling the fingers at booth babes.

Vulgarity does not equal an endorsement of sexism and misogyny.

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    I'm such a fucking wuss I can never play this game.

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    Booth babes are sexist towards women for obvious reasons, and the concept of them is also sexist towards men as well, assuming that all men are easily aroused troglodytes who will give a product more attention if a half-naked woman is standing by it. The only people who "win" when a convention uses them are the models they employ. Everyone else just ends up looking bad.

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    Depeche, I feel awful for the way some people have treated you and the female sex in this thread.

    It's infuriating and extremely disappointing, and if I didn't love most of my fellow bombers (who mostly were wise enough to simply not post in this thread) I would probably not want to be a part of this community. Misogyny has revealed itself as the press has decided to attack its own fanbase and medium, heavily criticizing Ubisoft's press conference, Tomb Raider, and Lollipop Chainsaw more than one might ever have expected. The fanbase is retaliating not because they're necessarily misogynistic, but it's more because they see this as an encroachment on the thing that they love.

    That said, you suck at winning people over.

    You're incredibly hostile, are willing to engage in semantics and denials of your own statements, and have baited exactly the kind of people who could have helped you. I'm on your side, but your attitude made me want to pull out of this thread without posting. I decided taking a stand on this issue meant more, even it it has to be here.

    I would, of course, have recommended Gamasutra, the home of Leigh Alexander.

    But I'm shocked to discover they don't have a forum of their own, and I realized that a public forum simply can't be shielded from ignorance and misogyny. If you want to interact with your fellow gamers on an open forum, it's going to be open to the fury of the people in that community. That's the point of a forum, and it takes years to learn how to comfortably post on internet forums, especially when you intend to criticize others. I happen to be lucky that I'm white and male, as it means I've largely avoided the wrath of the 'net's ignorance. Or, well, the real world's ignorance, too. (y'all should read Tim Wise's "White Like Me", fascinating stuff if you're interested in issues of race.)

    So start your own.

    The answer seems so obvious that it's staring both of us in the face; if the specific community you want doesn't exist, create it. It's very easy to create a private forum for free; the forum tools don't work very well and there's lots of advertising, but it's definitely a start. You'd simply create a private forum and invite the people who make comments that make them suitable. Eventually, if you grow large enough, maybe you do build your own website and forum. I think it'll always have to be a private forum, of course; if anyone can simply create a troll account, they will, and they'll flood said location with flame bait. But I think that's the only way.

    I hope I've been helpful. I normally don't bother with headers or any of that stuff, but I really would rather my post not get lost along the way.

    I appreciate the constructive comments, although I stand by what I did and did not say, and I never said I thought "all" men were anything. That was clearly in reference to a specific group of people, and that same group attacked me here because the like being the victim.

    As for me being too hostile, well, hostility breeds hostility, doesn't it? One can only be shit on so long before lashing back. Just like the NFL though, the person who punches back is usually the one who gets the fine.

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    Yeah, because it's true.

    Where on this page did you get 20% I see 14.8 and a lot of numbers for attempted rape. but not 20%

    What I want to know is why Incest is put on the same level as Rape and Abuse? Also Alice Sebold looks high as fuck in her picture.

    Incest is most often rape. The idea of "consensual incest" between siblings or parents/children is incredibly rare. It also typically involves grooming, much like how a sexual predator convinces a child that the abuse is okay.

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    Yeah, because it's true.

    Where on this page did you get 20% I see 14.8 and a lot of numbers for attempted rape. but not 20%

    I said nearly 20%

    • All women: 17.6%
    • White women: 17.7%
    • Black women: 18.8%
    • Asian Pacific Islander women: 6.8%
    • American Indian/Alaskan women: 34.1%
    • Mixed race women: 24.4%

    As that stat includes attempted rape, I apologize if it was misleading. Other sites and studies place rape/attempted rape as high as 25%. And sexual assault (which includes anything from groping to all-out rape) is 25%.

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    Thanks to the few people who actually helped.

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    @DoctorDanger99 said:

    @depecheload: so if said all women are whores,except for the ones that agree with me that most women are whores. does that make it ok? lost of people here are coming up with well spoken arguments as to why you are wrong and the best you can come up with is."i didnt say that." even though you very much did. you came here with an agenda to bash on men and further your sad and depressing view of the world where women are trampled on and get no respect. you sir/maddam, are a fool.

    I don't know how else to respond to false accusations about something I didn't actually say. I didn't say "all" anything. You want to imply I did because it makes you feel a little better.

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    The best way to respond to misogyny is to generalize all men as neanderthals who get off on shitting on feminism. Stooping to their level is so much easier than being more civil than the misogynistic fuckheads.

    This is now the mis-quote thread! Never said that as well!

    Yes, you did! " we already have plenty of threads dedicated to you boys shitting on feminism because you get off on it."

    YOU meaning "people you just want to continue to shit on any topic regarding feminism." Not ALL MEN.