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"If the truth is undeniable, you create your own" 0

One of the biggest problems most developers possess when trying to break into the industry is how to differentiate themselves from what has become the norm. How does one hope to compete with Triple A games such as Gears of War or Uncharted that have indisputably perfected and forever changed how third-person shooters are played. Instead of trying to re-invent the core mechanics, YAGER Development directs it's focus entirely on story-telling and the results are well deserving of recognition. But ...

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"Till all are one" 0

In the past decade or so, fans of the treasured Transformers series haven't had the most noble of adaptations in regards to video games. Despite the massive popularity that Michael Bay's Transformers trilogy has garnered, the video game spin-off's have done little to pay homage to the beloved characters that they are based on. Not until High Moon Studios took control of the franchise and brought it back to it's roots with 2010's War for Cybertron. It was received with a relatively positive react...

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"It's not over... not yet" 0

Since it's explosive introduction back in 2001 that helped revolutionize console shooters for years to come, Halo has become recognized as one of the most innovative and adored franchises to hit the genre. What was once thought insane, Bungie was able to craft a first-person shooter on a console and not only have it succeed, but do so in ways that no one could ever imagine. In a market once dominated completely by PC's, consoles became relevant and many give credit to Bungie and Halo for accompl...

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Guns, guns, guns and fetch quests! 0

Gearbox Software created a new genre with the release of the first Borderlands. For the first time, Gearbox managed to successfully blend RPG elements with FPS gameplay and the result was a massive cult hit. Borderlands succeeded with over-the-top action with a massive world and a chaotic cast of characters. The game was mostly regarded as widely successful with a few minor gripes and Gearbox now returns with Borderlands 2. Have they managed to improve on the first Borderlands? Let's find out.Re...

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When Death rides, none can hide. 0

The original Darksiders was a game that was relatively underrated by both critics and gamers alike, and at the same time, criticized for being a "rip-off" of multiple major franchises such as the Legend of Zelda and God of War. Yet, I liked to see it for what it did correctly. Instead of blatantly ripping off such popular games, Vigil Games instead chose to brilliantly craft certain ideals from those games and blend them together with an extremely engaging story to create a new IP well deserving...

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A More action-oriented entry, albeit an enjoyable one. 0

There once beckoned a time where games required the player to utilize strategy, preparation, and resourcefulness over the quick thinking, instant reflexes, and mindless action of today's shooters. Ghost Recon was once the poster child of that style of gameplay and it excelled in providing that incredibly tactical gameplay that so many gamers begged for instead of the casual shooters that overrun the industry of today. The latest entry into Ghost Recon has unfortunately strayed off the beaten pat...

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A Disappointing re-hash of a familiar formula 0

Back in early 2007, the original Crackdown was a game that would've quietly slipped under the radar if it were not for the fact that it was the carrier for the much anticipated Halo 3 Beta. Little attention was focused towards Crackdown as most people were simply anxious to get their hands on the Halo 3 beta, but as it turns out, Crackdown turned out to be superbly proficient in providing one of the best open-world experiences to have ever graced console gaming. It was an open-world adventure wi...

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A Beautiful mesh of narrative and adventure 0

It's painfully evident that throughout the past decade, the Western setting has never had a chance to prosper nor successfully break out into video games. There were various attempts, be it open world adventures or first-person shooters, but none truly garnered the success to become a fully fledged franchise. Not until Rockstar took to the genre and completely revolutionized to a level never before seen.Acquiring the rights to the Red Dead IP, Rockstar began working on the next installation. The...

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A Fantastic coupling of action and story-telling 0

There is always unease and a certain amount of skepticism when a beloved franchise that has long since closed it's doors is uprooted for one last ride. Perhaps that unease comes from the reasoning that a sequel can't possibly hope to do the series justice or in this specific case, a brand new developer takes the reins from the original creators of the franchise. Here we have Rockstar Games, best known for their work on the Grand Theft Auto franchise and most recently Red Dead Redemption, taking ...

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A Good, but overall fruitless attempt. 0

When referring to the massive list of constant comic book tie-in films, the results are less than satisfying. These games usually suffer from following the script of the film too much and lacking the ability to deviate from the source material. Although, once in a blue moon, you do get the odd addition of an enjoyable, if sometimes good title. The Amazing Spider-Man attempts to be one of the recent inclusions into the tie-in genre and truly tries to break away from the dreaded curse. Does it suc...

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