Halfway to 5k

Passed 2500 points just now. Wouldn't see any reason to post a blog-entry about it if it wasn't for the damn quest thingy.


Finally found it!

I finally found the first game I played on an IBM PC back in the mid-to-late 80'ies -- Willy the Worm. I've been looking for it for years. I remember it even came with a level-editor which gave us hours of fun. Until we found Larry Laffer.. ;)


Minesweeper Flags - Annoying piece of crap

I rarely buy Live Arcade-games because most of them pretty much suck. If a game doesn't appeal to me within the first few minutes of playing the free demo, it''s deleted. If a game looks and feels promising, it might stay on my box a little longer. And if I feel like I'm going to be playing it some more, I might even buy it. Then there are games like Minesweeper Flags. What an annoying piece of crap that game is. I started the game, selected game-type, pressed the A-button 3-4 times -- then the free play-time was up and the game ended. What kind of marketing is that?  Give the player a complete round or a few minutes, at least.

Minesweeper Flags -> Deleted