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Best Puzzle Game Evah!! 0

Portal 2's gameplay is GREAT! the story, AWESOME!! and the voice actors, best i ever seen in a long time and it's longer than the original Portal on the Orange Box which is Freaking Awesome!!! and later this summer they will have new DLC for the game and it's FREE that's right you heard me FREE for everybody. Valve you are my greatest gaming company ever! and the co-op is F&$#%@ Awesome best co-op experience i've played. i say that Portal 2 is one of the best games ever and Morgan Webb said ...

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Still Alive 0

i think this is great for xbox arcade players because you get the original game PLUS 14 new maps to go through and the loading in here is faster than Portal in The Orange Box and i think the price is at a AWESOME 1200 micosoft points! Great price!       Nostalgia Critic--"I SMELL GENIUS!!!!!"...

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The Holy Of Holy 0

my god is this game HARD i mean it took me 2 months to finish half of this game that's longer than any game i've play in a while i still can't finish the cotton alley but  MY GOD! the music is great, the animation is awesome, the video game references are everywhere the original game is great but not as much stuff than Super Meat Boy has in it and it is one of my favorite games of all time!...

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