Today is the 17th birthday of the Original Xbox! What are your favourite games from this system?

I'm going for chronological order here because I can't pick my #1 right now.

November 15, 2001 - Halo: Combat Evolved

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I loved this game on the Xbox and it's one of the titles I'll still bust out from time to time, particularly for its fun ass split-screen multiplayer modes. It also helps that I have a good time playing through the campaign. For it's time the audio and visual elements are as detailed as I've ever seen (at the time.) Bungie has brought to the Xbox the game that will prove hundreds of thousands of naysayers wrong (about the system and the game) Microsoft isn't some 'boring office computer software company' they're a video game company as well. Halo on Xbox is one of the best things to happen in video games.

February 22, 2002 - Jet Set Radio: Future

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What original Xbox game had the best soundtrack in the mid-2000's? Halo: Combat Evolved Jet Set Radio: Future of course! The controls may not be as tight and responsive as the Tony Hawk games but that's just one setback to an amazing... extreme sports game? platforming game? Whatever the genre this game I don't care, I love it. I love the art style, I love the music (obviously), I love the simple but goofy plot with the characters that revolve around it. This game might've encouraged me to wear a pair of rollerblades and learn how to ride those things. I obviously failed.

June 17, 2003 - Midtown Madness 3

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When Simon says... "What's the best exclusive racing game on the original Xbox?" People will say, Forza Motorsport or RalliSport Challenge or RalliSport Challenge 2 or Project Gotham Racing 2 and they're all great games for the system. But my answer. Midtown Madness 3. Yes, I do acknowledge that the single player story is cringeworthy but I still love it. This game is so fucking fun especially in online multi-player and that's where this game shines. I'll never forget the hours of beating my sister in every race in split-screen and finding secret paint jobs in the game's two open worlds of Washington D.C. and Paris.

November 17, 2003 - Need for Speed: Underground

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Did I ever tell you how frustrating and anger inducing the A.I. rubber-banding is in races? That feeling pre-relief when you're in first place and about to cross the finish line but then you hit an oncoming car and your opponents who were miles behind just swoop right past you and take your place. Then you restart the race again, and again and again and you keep in failing until you just give up and throw your controller into the wall and fucking scream your lungs out?! That's how I feel playing this game and despite all of that... I love this game to bits.

September 8, 2004 - Burnout 3: Takedown

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This is my favourite game of all time.

That's it, that's all I have to say about Burnout 3.

This is just 5 games out of the hundreds I've played and I'm sure there's plenty games I've missed that you played. I hope you can tell me about it here.