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Why splitscreen is essential and needs to be kept alive

Before many online video games, split screen played a big part in a majority of them. some games don't offer split screen at the expense of trying to prevent lag in servers and sometimes they can't do it due to memory restrictions.  
however this encourages lan partys and social gatherings. but sometimes it is downright annoying when you know a game could of had it. i'm sorry but even tho i have a high speed connection, i'd really like it if i could still invite friends over to play certain games. Because not everyone has internet and i used to be one of those people and i know what its like. 
i think its essential that game companys find some way to keep split screen in there as a alternative. because i believe it doesn't hurt anyone in the long run and it has been a standard for a long time. take it you don't look at there screen, its cool to only have the need to share one console and one tv. Not everyone enjoys plugs and television sets everywhere. 
For example, i own a video game that many of you probably haven't heard of. Its called tribes aerial assault. this game is on the Playstation 2 and i played this game when i was very young. it had around 16 players, now up to 32 players. And featured vehicles, weapons and expensive environments and had many multiplayer modes. no headset support, but that didn't matter much because i invited a friend over and we were able to work together as a team. We knew where each other's locations were and made it a lot less difficult. 
This was a short blog, but its bothering me because i am getting MAG for the playstation3 if any of you have heard of it. It doesn't support splitscreen, which i can understand to a degree. but developers need to knock it off already, they should at least try. After all, the game isn't the most beautiful considering the massive warfare the console has to support to prevent lag.


So, my dad made a music video :O!


My dad does not live with me. I won't go into that story, but a coworker of mine actually told me he made a music video and i didn't believe him. i was stunned and actually could not watch the whole thing without wanting to stab my eyes out with rusted razors. Not because its my dad or because of the song mainly, but how badly directed it was. Honestly, he believes he has talent and i guess that's a good thing. if that drives him forward, then so be it. But if you can manage to listen to this whole 5 minutes of nails going across a chalk board. Then you have my respect.
Not judging him or not trying to at least. Just saying...
Yes the man above is in fact, my biological father.
And by the way, he was into rock and roll, heavy metal and all of that. Even went to a white zombie concert. i don't see how one gets inspired to drop all of that and jump into country music.
Make fun of me or argue. i won't be able to refute this album... my coworker which is now a critque of this song, Claims that it is alan jackson meets metallica.

Why has James Bond's transition into gaming failed so much?

 As of recent, bond's transition into gaming has failed miserably in this decade. I was playing quantum of solace because i didn't get a chance to play it last year. Well as it turns out, this game shouldn't have even been released.
It felt so dull and repetitive and uninspired that it made me wonder why they are having such a tough time integrating James Bond into a 3D world.
Let me start off by saying that i didn't get a chance to play goldeneye until sometime after i bought perfect dark when it originally came out. when i did get to play goldeneye, i was actually blown away. i won't get into every detail of my wonderful gaming experience as you all have felt.
Lets just say that i was blinded by the fact that after i was done playing goldeneye, that perfect dark was the more advanced clone. But for some reason, the multiplayer brought me back many times and the single player was rather addictive. I think it was the soundtrack that brought me back and it mixed so well within the game its self.
However, because of goldeneye. i started to become more of a james bond fan because of this and started to watch his movies. i didn't really get into many bond films ahead of pierce bronsnans career after tomorrow never dies because they started to get dull.
I picked up the world is not enough for the nintendo 64 hoping for a better version of goldeneye. But no luck, while the single player was enhanced because of the expansion pack. The game didn't offer much replay value and the multiplayer was rather lackluster, it was cool to see some of the old recurring characters come back from the previous bond films.
Next up was was agent under fire, after watching several gamespot and ign videos with the developers commentary talking about how it would blow goldeneye away, i believed them considering it was going to be done on a next generation console at the time.
Mind you, i was a teenager at that time. i ended up getting it for christmas and became merely excited. i never really looked at gaming reviews because i wasn't so judgmental about gaming experiences back then. i was usually  happy with most games.
Anyway, i started to play agent underfire and found out pretty quickly that this game was also missing something very important. i think by that time i was catching on to bad video games and started to realize that there was something wrong with the transition of bond games. While the bond in it was ugly and didn't represent any of the actors which i believe was due to licensing issues. there were a few cool implementations but not enough to save it. 
Now, awhile back when i was alot younger, i had heard about a game called Goldeneye Rogue agent and was thrilled that this might be the game i was waiting for, i wasn't really intelligent or informed at the time, of companys just wanting to cash in on franchises. So i was thrilled that this game could be the sequel i was waiting for. 
As it turns out, this game wasn't a sequel but a prequel and i thought the whole Golden EYE was a neat idea and that this time, you won't play as bronsnan but a villain instead. i knew this had to be the awesome follow up. But as it turns out, it had lackluster graphics. Boring multiplayer and cheesy cinematic scences. and there were only a few references to the original goldeneye. it was a meaningless game with evil Written all over it. Jeff, Thank you for warning me in the most intellectual way about this pile of garbage.
After turning me away from EA almost completey, i noticed that 3rd person bond games started to come out and i was a little excited, but i never got a chance to actually play everything or nothing. Just from russia with love.  i didn't really think of it ether way and lost all hope for bond games. 
I don't understand, What is it about goldeneye that makes it so awesome over almost every other james bond game after it? why do we love it so much? It hasn't arguably aged well. and it had some limitations, but for some reason to this day. It slams the future generations of bond games.
Microsoft and Nintendo. I hope you are reading this, because if you are. I will gladly purchase Goldeneye for the Virtual console and The xbox live arcade versions.
Your thoughts?
Oh one more thing, The james bond game on the gameboy was a brillant pocket sized game.


Happy Birthday Playstation

 As you all may know or not know, Today was the official release date for the Sony Playstation in Japan. Yup, December 3rd 1994.
While it wasn't my First game console. It was certainly starting to become my favorite when i was a lot younger. I owned a Nintendo 64 at the time and i was amazed at the library of video games that the Playstation has. Sure, the nintendo 64 was a powerful Gaming console at the time. But the Cartridges Had limited memory and The expansion pack wasn't used for a lot of games. But lets talk about the SonyPlaystation some more, its was a great game console. I have fond memories of playing Games like Metal Gear Solid, Ehrgeiz, Gundam Battle Assault, The Final Fantasy Series, The Twisted Metal Series, Spyro the dragon and crash 
Bandicoot, Soul Reaver, Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and so on.  The music feature was pretty cool at the time, It was fun to watch the psychedelic Screen while listening to a CD. Wow, I've got memories with friends on that one. 
And wow, i was surprised by how fun and useful the Dual Shock was when i was younger.
However, The death of my brothers playstation soon came when he ordered a Import video game. DragonBall Z Legends. He had bought a device called a game buster that allowed him to play imported video games. The spindle ended up falling apart and the motor underneath it couldn't take another beating. Eventually, he tried to repair the thing but No signs of life and it was time to let go. Eventually, I got to purchase my Brothers Playstation2 which introduced me to many new games.
Honestly, i enjoy all video game consoles now. But the playstation2 was fantastic back in the day, it had a line up of so many anticipated sequels and just great games. But it is a shame to see Sony lose personality, I'm talking about mascots. I think game consoles Need to have mascots or some kind of character. Its like rooting for your high school football time in a way, But it seems the newer generation of game consoles Aren't the same. You really can't bring up a specific character when you are describing the playstation3 to someone. Maybe kratos Maybe Ratchet and Clank, Maybe Jak and Daxter. Don't even get me started on Laura croft. She has to be the worst example of what happens when you Go too far with a character. 
Honestly, i love video games and all consoles. But I'm not getting the same kind of fond memories as i did with the last two generations. All i see is corporate greed and micro transactions. The last great video game i played as of recently was dead space. But i guess the point of this topic, Dispute the fact that it was rushed. Is that we don't see colorful characters anymore, Most of these companys Went down hill. i think its all focused on the Hardcore gamer. Really i have no clue, But this generation of gaming just feels lost to me, What are your thoughts?

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My first Blog Post.

It was November 22nd, 2005 On a Tuesday and Wal-Mart opens at around 7:00AM that day. Me and two others were waiting for it, Another guy came out of nowhere and Claimed his Core console voucher. I was one of the first In my hometown to Grab a Microsoft Xbox 360 and to go along with it, was Perfect Dark Zero. there were only 6 Of them. 2 Premiums and 4 Core consoles, We waited in the cold and in the rain, I was rather Young at that time. i actually started to walk At 3:00 AM that morning i shouldn't have been out that late. I would have been in trouble and let me tell you my experience with this Console. Before the xbox 360 came out, i was a "Sony Fanboy" and i was pretty skeptical of the console its self. Well, I brought a Core Console home with PDZ, And let me tell you, i fired up the First Ever firmware on that console. The first dashboard and i was blown away. I really liked the comfort of the control, the friendly interface of the dashboard, The design of the console was interesting. Power brick somewhat bothered me but i didn't pay attention to it ever i fired my console up. Eventually, i found the premium at Walmart a week later and Bought it. Because i wanted the premium and not the core. I should not have sold my First Xbox 360. But it didn't have the Hard drive. The premium was a fantastic offer. its a shame i couldn't save my money in the past. Anyway, Perfect Dark zero ended up being a pretty big disappointment. That's not why i bought the console, but it wasn't the game i thought it was going to be. What was rareware thinking? I Was a hardcore Perfect Dark fan back in the day. Its pretty lame the game ended up being
mediocre not offering the challenges The original offered. They destroyed the storyline, The multi player just felt weird. The graphics were the only thing decent about the game, But the game made me feel so burnt, Not because i wasted money on it but because it was so empty. Sure, its a launch title  But was Halo a empity game? i think not. Anyway, One excellent video game after another, I actually didn't open the xbox 360 premium because i was saving it for when i had my Own place. Apparently, that never happened and now 4 Years later and many red rings of death. Microsoft has a fantastic console with heating issues. So i have a factory sealed Xbox 360, But I'm not red ringing it, its the First ever dashboard and i'd rather keep it, since it is the first of its kind. It has the limited edition media remote. Well, microsoft is your next console going to Overheat due to faulty architecture? Anyway, I'm not a fan boy anymore and haven't been for years, its generally foolish to Deny yourself video games. All consoles have advantages and disadvantages. Happy anniversary Microsoft, its been great!

                                                                                                                                 Woohoo! Pst, thats not me.

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