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Happy Birthday Playstation

 As you all may know or not know, Today was the official release date for the Sony Playstation in Japan. Yup, December 3rd 1994.
While it wasn't my First game console. It was certainly starting to become my favorite when i was a lot younger. I owned a Nintendo 64 at the time and i was amazed at the library of video games that the Playstation has. Sure, the nintendo 64 was a powerful Gaming console at the time. But the Cartridges Had limited memory and The expansion pack wasn't used for a lot of games. But lets talk about the SonyPlaystation some more, its was a great game console. I have fond memories of playing Games like Metal Gear Solid, Ehrgeiz, Gundam Battle Assault, The Final Fantasy Series, The Twisted Metal Series, Spyro the dragon and crash 
Bandicoot, Soul Reaver, Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and so on.  The music feature was pretty cool at the time, It was fun to watch the psychedelic Screen while listening to a CD. Wow, I've got memories with friends on that one. 
And wow, i was surprised by how fun and useful the Dual Shock was when i was younger.
However, The death of my brothers playstation soon came when he ordered a Import video game. DragonBall Z Legends. He had bought a device called a game buster that allowed him to play imported video games. The spindle ended up falling apart and the motor underneath it couldn't take another beating. Eventually, he tried to repair the thing but No signs of life and it was time to let go. Eventually, I got to purchase my Brothers Playstation2 which introduced me to many new games.
Honestly, i enjoy all video game consoles now. But the playstation2 was fantastic back in the day, it had a line up of so many anticipated sequels and just great games. But it is a shame to see Sony lose personality, I'm talking about mascots. I think game consoles Need to have mascots or some kind of character. Its like rooting for your high school football time in a way, But it seems the newer generation of game consoles Aren't the same. You really can't bring up a specific character when you are describing the playstation3 to someone. Maybe kratos Maybe Ratchet and Clank, Maybe Jak and Daxter. Don't even get me started on Laura croft. She has to be the worst example of what happens when you Go too far with a character. 
Honestly, i love video games and all consoles. But I'm not getting the same kind of fond memories as i did with the last two generations. All i see is corporate greed and micro transactions. The last great video game i played as of recently was dead space. But i guess the point of this topic, Dispute the fact that it was rushed. Is that we don't see colorful characters anymore, Most of these companys Went down hill. i think its all focused on the Hardcore gamer. Really i have no clue, But this generation of gaming just feels lost to me, What are your thoughts?

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