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So, my dad made a music video :O!


My dad does not live with me. I won't go into that story, but a coworker of mine actually told me he made a music video and i didn't believe him. i was stunned and actually could not watch the whole thing without wanting to stab my eyes out with rusted razors. Not because its my dad or because of the song mainly, but how badly directed it was. Honestly, he believes he has talent and i guess that's a good thing. if that drives him forward, then so be it. But if you can manage to listen to this whole 5 minutes of nails going across a chalk board. Then you have my respect.
Not judging him or not trying to at least. Just saying...
Yes the man above is in fact, my biological father.
And by the way, he was into rock and roll, heavy metal and all of that. Even went to a white zombie concert. i don't see how one gets inspired to drop all of that and jump into country music.
Make fun of me or argue. i won't be able to refute this album... my coworker which is now a critque of this song, Claims that it is alan jackson meets metallica.