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A new console at this point does sound kind of useless. But i can actually tell that these consoles are starting to Get a little limited at what they do. arkham asylum only looked really nice during its cutscenes, because when you started to actually play, it looked like it needed alot of anti-aliasing badly. And hopfully developers won't release more multi platform garbage games with slightly increased textures.

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@Lowbrow: The movie came out in 1995 and the game came out in 1997.
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 As of recent, bond's transition into gaming has failed miserably in this decade. I was playing quantum of solace because i didn't get a chance to play it last year. Well as it turns out, this game shouldn't have even been released.
It felt so dull and repetitive and uninspired that it made me wonder why they are having such a tough time integrating James Bond into a 3D world.
Let me start off by saying that i didn't get a chance to play goldeneye until sometime after i bought perfect dark when it originally came out. when i did get to play goldeneye, i was actually blown away. i won't get into every detail of my wonderful gaming experience as you all have felt.
Lets just say that i was blinded by the fact that after i was done playing goldeneye, that perfect dark was the more advanced clone. But for some reason, the multiplayer brought me back many times and the single player was rather addictive. I think it was the soundtrack that brought me back and it mixed so well within the game its self.
However, because of goldeneye. i started to become more of a james bond fan because of this and started to watch his movies. i didn't really get into many bond films ahead of pierce bronsnans career after tomorrow never dies because they started to get dull.
I picked up the world is not enough for the nintendo 64 hoping for a better version of goldeneye. But no luck, while the single player was enhanced because of the expansion pack. The game didn't offer much replay value and the multiplayer was rather lackluster, it was cool to see some of the old recurring characters come back from the previous bond films.
Next up was was agent under fire, after watching several gamespot and ign videos with the developers commentary talking about how it would blow goldeneye away, i believed them considering it was going to be done on a next generation console at the time.
Mind you, i was a teenager at that time. i ended up getting it for christmas and became merely excited. i never really looked at gaming reviews because i wasn't so judgmental about gaming experiences back then. i was usually  happy with most games.
Anyway, i started to play agent underfire and found out pretty quickly that this game was also missing something very important. i think by that time i was catching on to bad video games and started to realize that there was something wrong with the transition of bond games. While the bond in it was ugly and didn't represent any of the actors which i believe was due to licensing issues. there were a few cool implementations but not enough to save it. 
Now, awhile back when i was alot younger, i had heard about a game called Goldeneye Rogue agent and was thrilled that this might be the game i was waiting for, i wasn't really intelligent or informed at the time, of companys just wanting to cash in on franchises. So i was thrilled that this game could be the sequel i was waiting for. 
As it turns out, this game wasn't a sequel but a prequel and i thought the whole Golden EYE was a neat idea and that this time, you won't play as bronsnan but a villain instead. i knew this had to be the awesome follow up. But as it turns out, it had lackluster graphics. Boring multiplayer and cheesy cinematic scences. and there were only a few references to the original goldeneye. it was a meaningless game with evil Written all over it. Jeff, Thank you for warning me in the most intellectual way about this pile of garbage.
After turning me away from EA almost completey, i noticed that 3rd person bond games started to come out and i was a little excited, but i never got a chance to actually play everything or nothing. Just from russia with love.  i didn't really think of it ether way and lost all hope for bond games. 
I don't understand, What is it about goldeneye that makes it so awesome over almost every other james bond game after it? why do we love it so much? It hasn't arguably aged well. and it had some limitations, but for some reason to this day. It slams the future generations of bond games.
Microsoft and Nintendo. I hope you are reading this, because if you are. I will gladly purchase Goldeneye for the Virtual console and The xbox live arcade versions.
Your thoughts?
Oh one more thing, The james bond game on the gameboy was a brillant pocket sized game.

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My brother is a supervisor and a locksmith. Generally makes a decent income and doesn't have a debt. On the other hand, I'm trying to find a Better job out of town and trying to further my self. But i cannot due to the lack of Funds available.
I'm really into technology. And i know alot about computers, i can generally fix alot of issues with most game consoles too. Well, it doesn't seem to stop my brother from wanting to get in on the Fun aswell. It kind of aggravates me because he has already accomplished so much, and now he's Getting into my batch of what I'm good at. I feel like he is going to take away any value out of me if he Trys to get good at it aswell.
You see, I've been wanting to make a bit of extra cash to pay off a vehicle that i recently put a down payment on. Its not fianced, i just worked out a deal with the dealership. Well, not only does my brother not Help me, But he wants to make a business out of fixing Xbox 360's now and that takes away from me.
I always feel like i am being held back more and more. and That really just ticks me off that he wants to take a slice of pie away from me like that. Especially since i am making plans to get certified next year. 
My point of this article is well, have you ever felt really useless? Have you ever had your brother/sister try and Over do what you have accomplished?

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The nose and everything. Pretty funny if you ask me.
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@Evilsbane: ROFL, all so true.
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Its very sad to find this out and some of you may be forgetting that she did the voice for luanne off of king of the hill.

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Ladies and gentlemen. I was on Facebook looking at the Republican party's Facepage and all i see is more bickering. Liberial this and democrat that, Same thing on the democrats page. Conservative this and Republican that It seems like they have no clue what is really going on. 
None of the presidents we elect into the office of this generation are going to do us any good, Now that is my opinion of course. But good riddance , if you really think about it. Each party is fighting the other to further their own agenda, instead of being patriotic. They are being pathetic. The men behind the curtain are really laughing at this.
I guess you can call them Neocons or Neolibs, Because they do not represent the founding fathers intention or interests.

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@Xolare said:
" You're title is misleading. I thought someone wrote a book on giantbomb then gave it a review. "
He's just trying to be like shane dawson. a bit of bait and switch.
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I won't be surprised if the human race gets exterminated because of the ignorance in our society.