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A big let down by EA this year! 0

  Just like every year, I was eagerly waiting for the release of FIFA 10. And, when I had the game in hand I was fairly disappointed that EA released an unfinished version for the PC gamers.   The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are perfectly fine but with all new game engine and graphical improvements. PC version do have the improved game engine but when it comes to the overall graphical shininess, FIFA 10 will make drag you back to its few years old release. What they should’ve done is wait few mor...

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A must buy modern day FPS! 0

 If you have played all the previous games of Call of Duty series, then you can easily portrait the amount of experiences; Infinity Ward has put in the title called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Their aim was to build up a modern day shooter and I bet they were massively successful.   Extraordinarily tensed gameplay and short-lived single player game; CoD4 MW will put you in different battle situations though out the game. Switching between US and British forces and from one part of the world ...

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Undoubtedly one of the best games of 2009! 0

 Superhero Batman doesn’t need an intro. A very rich businessman who has made himself into something extraordinary, using his intelligence, detective skills and with the help of some exceptional gadgets. But, Batman isn't a man with supernatural strength. He can't fire lasers from his eyes and he doesn't have the ability to fly or shoot spider webs from his hand. He's a man of flesh and blood, who uses his smarts to find clues at crime scenes, uses gadgets to analyze the environment in ways norm...

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I had mixed reaction after finishing Far Cry 2 but... 0

  "Somewhere out there is an arms dealer known only as the Jackal," the game tells you, by way of a send-off. "He has been selling guns to both the UFLL and the APR. Every gun, every bullet, and every corpse you have seen can be traced back to him." The dynamic paragraph breaks, and then - "Find him and kill him." This is how you start your journey of FarCry 2 in the middle of Africa. You get the gist of the current political situations by the taxi driver who picks you up after landing in ...

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Max Payne 2 - The Fall of Max Payne 1

There’s a saying that sequels kill the real image of a game. They are often too modified and takes the feeling of the original away. There are very few sequels that have actually arrived with the exact prototypes, and at the same time improve everything of the original game. Max Payne 2 was one of those games. Max Payne original was build one a very solid foundation with a great cinematic ‘comic book style’ story line and a hardcore first-person shooter. It was the first game that introduced slo...

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Transformers: The Game 0

Even though I promised myself that I won’t be playing any game which is made based on a movie, I couldn’t resist when I saw the game Transformers: The Game. The movie Transformers had a great influence on me buying this game, and so is the comic book called Transformers: Generation 2 which I used to read during my school days. The game is made based on the Transformer movie. Same story base and the game sequences are somewhat similar to the movie. Here you get to play the part where Bumblebee a...

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One hell of strategy game with medieval battles and .... 7

I won’t call Stronghold-2 any usual strategy game; rather I’ll call the game; a series of events which will test your strategic and managerial skills in a continuous process. Stronghold2 comes up with a superior variety of features for building castle, managing the province and the features of building different types of troops. So, the travel through the game is challenging and some of them are really difficult to pull off. The game is cleverly divided into two different paths of gameplay. The ...

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This is simply a never ending game which never gets unexciting. 7

Have you ever stuck to any game which actually needs long-term gameplay and everyday you keep learning even if you’ve played this game for years? Well, if you haven’t then you don’t have to go to far, just try Knights of Honor. This is simply a never ending game which never gets boring. It's been years that I’ve bought this game and when I started to play it, I actually thought that I had wasted my money on it... it took me five days to learn the actual ways of the game. I used to seat constantl...

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