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Playing "backlog" games because I have nothing else to play.

I'm in a game slump. This happens alot, mostly cause I cant really buy many games so all I get are the games I "have" to buy and the stuff I get for free on PS+. I have had a bunch of games on my PS3 for awhile that I have never touched. I'm starting with Payday: the heist. I'm sure it will be terrible but I have nothing else to do.

I feel like I need another hobby. Gaming just does not seem to be cutting it. Everything I want to do just seems too expensive. I would like to read more comic books but those shits are expensive.

Side bar: my damn internet died during the tail end of downloading a 3gb update for Payday the heist so now I have to start over. FUCK Comcast.

Back to hobbies. My only other hobby has been cars. Which needless to say are expensive. and I don't even have a garage let alone a driveway where which to wrench on my car, nor do I even own a car I give a crap about to bother improving it with fancy metal pipes and turbos and such.

I always wanted to try my hand at model building as the kits seem pretty cheap and time consuming to assemble.

Anyway, I feel as though my frustration has been vented slightly and I want to get back to looking for something fill my time with, which ironically seems to be my primary hobby at this point.

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