Best of E3 2013

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  • I was skeptical about Destiny after what I saw at the PS4 reveal earlier this year. But the gameplay demo that was shown at the Sony press conference all but sold me on this game.

    The combat looks fantastic, the atmosphere looks amazing, the attention to detail and the world look great. Not to mention it is more of an open world class based rpg style of shooter which frankly other than Borderlands we really didn't get enough quality titles. The Destiny demo blew me away.

  • I was super disappointed with what Fuse turned into. It wasn't even just the change in style, but the limitation on how many crazy guns you had and locking them to specific characters. Essentially turning most of that game into generic shooter with a slight hint of that Insomniac touch. Sunset Overdrive looks like the complete opposite. It looks crazy, it looks self aware, it looks insane. It has an art style that instantly drew me to it. But it also looks to have some of that vintage Insomniac gunplay in all of it's weapons not just for one or two. Not to mention based on the trailer this looks like an open world game that has parkour elements in it as well. Count me in.

  • I love racing games, but I hate this idea in racing games that you are "stuck" in limited courses or small drive-able areas. While The Crew doesn't get us there yet, it certainly is getting us closer. Closer to the idea that you just give me an area, say the entire United States as a game world and just let me do what I want. Sure I can participate in races and such, but if I wanted to I could also just randomly drive from point A to point B.

    While the Crew isn't exactly that, the idea of various cities in the USA, car customization on the fly, going where you want to in a city or a race including randomly off the road through buildings on the beach etc sounds like the type of dynamic and fun racing experience that I want. Hopefully the driving ends up feeling as tight as possible.

  • From the guys that invented the current multiplayer scheme that has taken over the gaming industry comes a brand new IP that manages to reinvent the way we traverse in FPS, add in some serious vehicle combat with the addition of mechs and absolutely beef up the setting so that we aren't just stuck in the days of modern military shooter. Respawn hit it out of the park with this gameplay demo for something that I absolutely wanted to just get my hands on. It is likely this will sink me back into some competitive MP.

  • I love new properties and ideas. More so if the idea that is presented looks a little different and interesting. On the surface the ordered seemed like it could just have some generic shooter and melee combat in it. Nobody knows if this is a first person or third person game. But the setting is what instantly sold me on this. A pseudo British/modern take in a steampunk universe where you act as some secret service group sounds just too appealing for me not to be interested. Throw on the fact that Sony Santa Monica is doing it? Sounds great.

  • After The Last of Us and GTA 5 have all been played out the gaming community will welcome the next generation with a game that almost everyone can't wait to finally get their hands on. Last year once they showed off some of the gunplay I was a bit worried that the hacking side of things would be a side gimmick while a lot of the game could be gun focused. But the gameplay demo showed this year proved that entire sections of the game can be done with unique and innovative uses of the hacking mechanic. Simply put I can't wait for this game to get here.

  • Bastion is one of the best games period in the last several years. The team at Super Giant got time on Sony's press conference to showcase a game that has been seen at PAX earlier this year but a game that looks fantastic none the less. Mechanically similar to Bastion but with some new quirks and a change in setting sounds absolutely fine for the next game from this studio. I was absolutely impressed with what I saw at E3 from this game.

  • I really enjoyed the first InFamous game but fell off a bit on the second one. Both were quality titles but something was missing from the second game that I just couldn't put my finger on. I think it was a change in tone that really sold me on Second Son. Less super serious, setting up a world where you aren't the only one with powers and innovating and changing the way you traverse, interact with the world, and use/combine your powers sounds like the fresh new face this franchise needed.

  • Combat, combat combat. What else to see that is impressive about this game? Sure the graphics look amazing and the CGI trailer was pretty. But when they finally showed gameplay I was so happy to see they were trying something different. It looks far more like Squares take on an Uncharted or even somewhat similar to a Kingdom Hearts style of third person action combat. I was instantly impressed with how it played and I look to finally sink my teeth back into the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • As someone who has played a ton of Kingdom Hearts and it's original sequel I was super pumped for this announcement. I know those games and the franchise in general gets a lot of bad attention for apparently how "crappy" it is, but I think people really overlook how solid and crisp the combat mechanics are in the games. Especially when you consider the amount of depth, variety, and customization that is offered in the game. But Kingdom Hearts is also one of those franchises that if you get interested in the storyline, if that hooks you then you want to see where the franchise goes, where the story ends. Maybe that changes with this title, maybe it begins to feel like they are milking it, but either way I want to check this one out.