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  • This was one of the easiest choices I've ever had to make for a number one game. Hearthstone finally delivers on the promise of a well made balanced and fun CCG into the world of online gaming. The fact that it manages to be easily the best structured free to play game that has ever existed elevates it even further. After playing more hours than I can count, Hearthstone is easily the best experience I had in games this year.

  • Oh Destiny. Not much needs to be said about the lack of content or variety of it. However the reason this game is so high in my list is simple. I don't think there is a single first person shooting experience that plays as good as Destiny does. Yes I've played Halo, Gears, Call of Duty, Unreal, Doom, you can keep listing. I stand firm that Destiny is the best time I've ever had in terms of the mechanics of a first person shooter. Whether that is just the feel of the guns and the movement, to the encounter design and enemy AI. Destiny goes so much further though with fantastic world building, an excellent soundtrack and ambition that you just don't see anymore in AAA games.

    While Destiny did miss the mark in some very key areas in it's ambitions it remains a fantastic game to play. So much so that myself and countless others continue to loop and grind content just because we want to play it.

  • I'm not on the hype train everyone else is with this game. It's good. But it's really only amazing because of the Nemesis system. It's a well executed enemy structure and AI system that adds so much layers to a very polished and solid experience. When you combine that with Assassin Creed style player movement (with some nice tweaks) and literally a ripped directly from Batman combat system you get a game that plays well enough for you to really find yourself engaged in the hierarchy system they created.

  • A very good re release of a fun rogue like that has a bit of a strange art and music style. I played several times before finally beating Mom and then again moving to some of the later game stuff. While I would of liked to put some more time into it, what I did play was fun, inventive, and constantly had me racking my brain to remember what pick ups and power ups did what. Like a true well developed rogue like, this is a game that also allows you to get better at it the more you learn and the more you play.

  • A re-skinned version of Civ 5 with some minor tweaks? I don't care. I loved the hell out of Civ 5, and Beyond earth is no different. The tweaks for me really balanced all the play style options in the game and added a layer of flexibility and progression that really helped. It's still a fantastic multi-player experience, and getting a group of friends together for a long long night of playing was just as much of a joy as it was the last go around.

  • I never actually played the original Trials, so when this went on sale I decided to pick it up. I've since played through all the games main content and the DLC. It's a very addictive game to play as push yourself through to the next level, the next set of challenges and so on. The trick system feels like a decently well made addition, although it being one of the only big changes from the previous one feels kind of lazy. Still though I find myself going back to try to get better medals, and solve some of the strange challenges that each level carries with it.

  • Played Diablo 3 when it released and love a lot about it, but put it on the back burner due to some of my complaints. Returned to the Ultimate Evil edition and am having a blast. I'm even more impressed by how well the game plays on consoles, and how seamless the Battlenet account syncing is handled. The adventure mode, and other new changes made to the Reaper of Souls DLC are welcome, and really give the game some new legs.

  • Saw the Quick Look for this and I instantly wanted to play it. It's one of those chilling game experiences that regardless of if you've seen someone play it, you still want to dig in for yourself. The challenge of keeping your survivors fed with spirits up and healthy while dealing with the moral dilemmas the game constantly throws at you night to night is an excellent take on a familiar genre of game. The setting, art style, and overall presentation give the game a top notch feel that you just don't expect from a game like this.

  • GIVE US MORE QUESTIONS! I realize they did in the Party Pack but make that a damn free update for Fibbage. I should probably just buy the party pack. Fine I'm going to go buy the party pack! More games that use your phones/tablets/computers as controllers? Yes please! Also...Horatio is really Captain Crunch's first name? ....

  • Only played a few hours of this but I'm enjoying what I dug into thus far. Ubisoft had quite a strange year in terms of smaller and bigger releases, and I'm just glad that Child of Light has no giant towers for me to climb to reveal all the side missions. The art, music, and overall style of the game is fantastic. It allows me to look past the small tweaks it makes on a familiar turn based RPG genre.

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