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Games Completed: 2018 Edition

You know what it is.

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  • Technically have beaten this before, but this time solo the whole way through. Bloodtinge build (Chikage + Evelyn) is pretty dope!

    Platinumed the game too. It's good.

  • Just Monika.

    Now everyone can be happy

  • Laps taken to get the "Beat Zico: HD" trophy - 104.

    Laps taken to get the "Beat Zico: 2048" trophy - 4.

    2048 is actually great this time! Got the platinum too, see me in this game (actually don't I'm done playing this)

  • Long time Great Sword main, first time Switch Axe / Lance user.

    This game are sick

    Platinum is gonna take 10,000 years, fuck crowns

    [Update: got em. plat was 0.3% when I got it ayy]

  • JP Audio.

    Pretty good game, but not my favourite Persona game. There's a good 30-40 hours around the middle of the story that could be thinned out and the game would be better for it.

    Freedom and Security is my lowkey jam of the year

  • Technically a replay, but this time was on my own PS4 + PSN account so I'm counting it again.

    This is probably my top 1 PS4 game, everything about it is too good. Got the platinum and beat the DLC bosses too so see me in this game. Buy me a shirt too おねがい

  • tl;dr - not as good as 4

    That being said, the first 3 parts are actually better than 4's: the side story stuff that played like completely different games was a really good addition. (Dance Battle Master btw)

    I can't shake the feeling that Shinada's entire existence was just padding though

  • Momodora 4!

    Gameplay wise: the best Momodora game.

    Characters/story/music/endings wise: not as good as the older games.

    Gonna do insane mode one day...

    [Update: beat insane mode - red tearstone ring ftw]

  • WO3U, on PS4.

    Played this game literally just for Sterk. 30 hours of suffering through story mode later.. he's buff as af. He's great but the game is kinda whatever - they definitely went for quantity over quality with this one. DW7+8 were way better games comparatively.

    Cleared all the story missions and got Sterk to Prestige Master™, tried out the other modes but they're all wack.

  • Vita version, for touch controls.

    Let me just start by saying 999 is one of my favorite games, and while it rips off a bit too much from Ever17 VLR is still a great game. Now we come to Zero Time Dilemma 5 years later, a game that almost never existed and in my opinion, was probably better off that way.

    Hot damn what a disappointment. Not only did it do an awful job at tying the two previous games together, the original content was almost all trash. Puzzles were mostly "find thing that tells you exact answer to other problem in room, get another thing, repeat", characters were almost completely unlikable, music was either just ripped from VLR or otherwise forgettable, and those revelations... I could complain for a long time but I'll just say it sucks compared to the rest of the series.

    Play 999 though, it's godlike.

  • Vita version. VN MACHINE

    So I've already seen the anime for this twice (once JP, once EN) so I bought this on sale wanting to check out all the stuff that wasn't animated before getting stuck in watching/playing 0.

    ...What a good decision that was. This game is godlike.

    My only complaint is that the process of getting the true ending is kinda roundabout if you don't follow a guide, but everything else was so good that I didn't mind spending however long reloading email conversations trying to get everything manually.

    Also Alpha Suzuha went from pretty good to one of my favourite characters of all time after seeing everything in her arc and ending. Top tier. Best girl. [cycle.mp3]

  • Vita version, you know what it is.

    So this game's entire existence is to show the time between failing during the OG's true ending and getting the instructions from the future. While it does show how Okabe gets to that point, I feel like it doesn't quite explain enough to link everything together? The routes/endings that lead to it are pretty damn good, but that's maybe half the game's runtime? The rest is faffing about and Kagari focus (bleh).

    My biggest problem with this game is that a lot of stuff "just happens" without much reasoning. After how tight the OG's story is written it felt kinda bad leaving so much stuff unanswered like that. Also Beta Suzuha isn't anywhere near as good as Alpha lmao.

    Maho is a great character though. 100.

  • PS4 ver.

    Beat the main story in 40 hours, finished doing everything I wanted to in the game in 80. Was worth, game is great! Turnt up to play Kiwami whenever I get around to it.

    Breaker style is bust-a-move af

  • Steam version.

    People told me this game was a bit longer than the first, but around 70 hours total. 88 hours and 2.5 months later I finally beat it...

    Great game! When you think back to how much the characters have grown since the start of the first game (characteristically and power-wise) it really shows how epic these games are.

    Want to play 3rd now but my computer can't run it lol. It's fine if I play Cold Steel II on my Vita before I buy a new PC, right..?


  • PS4 version, story mode.

    I waited 4 years for this... wasn't worth the wait. Fuck you, Mori.

  • PS4 ver.

    A good game, but definitely half the experience that Yakuza 0 was. The comparisons are so blatant that it ended up dragging my opinion of this game down a lot, unfortunately. The way the story and cutscenes flow really show that this is the remake of a "first in the franchise" PS2 game too. The OST remake(?) of "id" is a banger though.

    Also Majima Anywhere is cool in theory, but not very fun in practice

  • PS4 ver, Multiplayer (counting as getting dark matter)

    As of December 8 2018, this game is trash. Once the honeymoon period ended you realise that the game is a completely broken and unbalanced mess that you paid full price (+ an extra $50 for the pass if you're a dumbass like me) to beta test. Basic functionality still doesn't work (menus, matchmaking), weapon balance patches just nerf whatever's popular and not what's actually a problem, and game patches break more things than they fix (and shit like diamond glitch is still in the game, affecting literally every single match).

    Maybe the game will be worth playing in 2020 when Treyarch have actually had 3 years to make the game instead of scrapping everything and frankensteining together this monstrosity in less than a year

  • Built a whole new computer just to play this game.

    Just kidding, actually forgot about this until I was looking for programs on random memory sticks and found this instead lol

    Game is pretty legit though! Short but sweet.