Games Completed: 2019 Edition

Same as it ever was.

Except I'm gonna add [start/finish dates] [hours taken] this time

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  • PS4 Version. 2018/11/15 - 2019/01/21, 52 hours

    Not a bad game, but not a great game either. Too damn long for an Ys game

  • PS4 Version. Jan 23-31, 55 hours

    Great game. Really refreshing playing an open world game after a lot of "do everything before the next main thing or miss out" JRPGs

  • PS4 Version. Feb 19 - March 2, 33 hours

    Came bundled with Steins;Gate Elite so I figured I would play this first seeing as it's kinda old. 11 short stories, starting off really strong, ending strong, and having some really good stuff in the middle. Though it's kinda weird that the weakest parts are the stories that are meant to fit in the canon instead of the more detached, fanservicey ones (I thought the Faris and Mr Braun stories would be complete throwaways but they were my favourite). It was also interesting to see how many plot points were taken from this and expanded on for Steins;Gate 0 (along with how they literally copy-paste the best El Psy Kongroo line lol)

    Also lots of Suzuha screen time, which made it all worth it

  • PS4 Version. Mar 8-10, ?? hours

    Hella good game. Will write the rest of this after I beat more difficulties

  • PS4 Version. Mar 22-29, 36 hours

    Very well made game, but my opinion on the gameplay itself throughout my playthrough (to Return end) was like that Frogurt scene from the Simpsons. Had more to say about this but I keep forgetting to write these as soon as I beat the game lmao

    tl;dr Bloodborne was better

    UPDATED - April 2, 49 hours

    Platinumed the game. Best part: Owl (Father) fight. Worst part: stabbing the same 5 guys in the back for 3 hours to grind the last 31 skill levels I needed to buy everything

  • PS4 Version. Apr 21 - May 2, ?? hours

    Already beat this game once, about 10 years ago. Used to call the game Boredomlands because I played as Soldier with 4 different people as coop. Soloed as Siren this time - what an OP character by comparison lol

    Main reason I replayed this was to go through the DLC. It's aight.

  • PS4 Version. Mar 3 - May 14, 40 hours

    Might elaborate later, but my basic opinion on this version of the game is "if you've watched the anime at any point in your life, play the original instead" but also "playing this and then watching 0 is the optimal path for first-timers"

  • PS4 DX Version. May 15-24, ?? hours

    Bought DX in order to prep for Lulua. Rorona Plus uses the Meruru engine so it's a much more solid game, even if some of the mechanics don't quite mesh with the systems in this 100%. Also Plus features an extra year of post-game content which is cool but pretty much just super hard dungeon/boss stuff which I'm not the biggest fan of. But most importantly there's more English Totori which is great.

    Lulua up next!

  • PS4/PC Version. May 27 - Jun 9, ?? hours

    Short Review: Beat Shrowd & Rezakiri. It's a free-to-play Monster Hunter that is nowhere near as good and runs like shit on consoles.

  • PS4 Version. Jun 8-13, 30 hours

    Never got around to playing this when it was new; so figured I had to in prep for BL3. Picked Athena for MC status.

    Heard a lot of shittalk about this game, but found the base game to be ok. Claptrap DLC is actually pretty good, up until the last boss - fuck that guy.

  • PS4 Version. Jun 26-27, 10 hours

    Already watched a "..." playthrough of this way back, but went through it myself for lore reasons.

    There's a reason why this is at this point in this list...

  • PS4 Version. Jun 7-29, 60 hours

    Beat this back in 2012 but in prep for BL3, lore reasons, beat all DLC blah blah blah.

    Picked Gaige (Mechromancer) this time, and... kinda regret it. That character bounces between being pretty damn strong and "this character sucks ass" depending on available gear and anarchy stack amount.

    Hot take: Tina's DLC is the best part of this franchise.

    Hotter take: This game is my least favourite Borderlands. Hope that BL3 is more like the others than just BL2-2.

  • So.

    I was gonna do this thing where I add Undertale and go "not actually Undertale, but a game that's similar and one that I definitely can't talk about."

    Who the fuck added this game to this site LMAO



    PC Version. Late 2017 / Early 2018? to Nov 27, ?? hours

    Learned a lot of Japanese for this game. Pretty damn hard too. Got the True Mercy end after years of waiting for updates and oh man did I get turnt during the ending - "THE HANDS WERE _ THE WHOLE TIME OMG"

    also, ランパス is best girl and this is my game of the year

    == UPDATE Dec 21 ==

    Got the Hypocrite and Genocide endings. They're pretty much the same ending but goddamn, chills.

  • PC Version. Jul 21 - Dec 3, 20 DAYS

    The long journey from the start of ARR to the credits of Shadowbringers. Started a new character (Mia Yara, BLM) instead of using my old one from 2013 because I couldn't remember how to play the game at all and also wanted to get female gear instead lol. The tipping point that got me to pick this game up again was how sick the music was in the Eden raids and getting hype for the (then upcoming) Nier collab.

    This game is still as fun as it was when I first played it. Well, actually, way better now that I don't have to deal with the PS3 UI and model count issues...

    Pretty damn good the whole way through but I think the peak is parts of 2.x through Heavensward. Shadowbringers comes close but blah blah blah this shit's on my twitter read that instead

  • PC Version. Dec 20-21, 6 hours

    Might've bought this game because I was watching a certain streamer smile play it and saw it was <$2. Played through the co-op when it first came out but never got around to the single player; it's pretty cool - nice sound design and atmosphere... coulda done with some more puzzle depth though, campaign's kinda short.

  • PC Version. Dec 22, 1hr 34min

    Nice work! Excelente!


    Dunno why I bought and played this other than for Danny DeVito nostalgia