N64 Classic - The Inconceivable

Of course, that other list is the best case scenario for a realistic list catering to all types of audiences. If we're just talking about me and my likes and don't care about how unlikely the choices are, the N64 Classic should look something like this:

List items

  • Let's start this list with a showstopper: the N64 version of Animal Crossing aka Animal Forest. Sure, the Gamecube version had some improvements here and there like adding The Able Sisters and the Museum, but let's talk about that for the Gamecube Classic.

  • It's so strange that a game about a specific licensed car could be this entertaining.

  • Bomberman 64 is good and all, but the other games on the system outshone it...

  • And by "other games", I'm not talking about the Japanese only Bomberman 64 that played like every other bomberman game out there. If you want to play a classic Bomberman game in 2019, there are better ones to play than Bomberman 64. I much prefer the more experimental 3D offerings than just another Bomberman game.

  • Again, Excitebike 64 deserves more respect.

  • An N64 classic would be a great opportunity to release the full version of F-Zero X in English, with better audio, new tracks, a vehicle editor, making custom cups, and the track editor used by the developers of the game. It was an impressive package back in its day and it's a shame we never saw it.

  • The sequel to the best roguelike of all time.

  • Harvest Moon wasn't on the SNES classic and we can probably thank the bitter divide between Natsume and Marvelous on the series. Still, this not-quite-as-good-as-the-first-game-but-still-great farming classic deserves its spot on the N64 Classic

  • I wasn't kidding.

    This game is fucking sick. Go cry about it, haters.

  • Even with the superior 3DS versions existing, the 3D Zeldas still should be in this package.

  • Even with the superior 3DS versions existing, the 3D Zeldas still should be in this package.

  • Here comes the Mario block of sick games that still deserve their spot even with all the obscure games on the platform.

  • Yes, even the kart racer.

  • Yes, even the Mario Party (though just Mario Party 2. It's the superior game for various reason, including no Waluigi).

  • Yes, both Mario sports games.



  • I'm so glad Ben introduce the Giant Bomb community to this game (at least to Premium members!). It deserves more love.

  • The sequel is just as weird as the original, though not nearly as ambitious.

  • Ogre Battle 64... one of the only good RPG's on the system during the generation where arguably JRPG's were at their biggest.

  • Though Paper Mario still takes top spot for JRPG's on the N64.

  • Honestly, I don't know why I didn't put this on the other list. I think it's because I figured that they would be more inclined to put Dr. Mario out there than this superior puzzle game.

  • Still unique and still needing a sequel, Nintendo.

  • The best fighting game on the system! It's no Street Fighter Alpha or Guilty Gear like the PS1 was getting, but its still a fun game to play with friends.

  • My favourite game on the system hands down.

    Honestly the N64 Classic would be worth it just to get my hands on a copy of this and play it with the original controller.

  • Some people swear by Diddy Kong Racing, but Snowboard Kids 2 was the "kart" racer to get if you played Mario Kart 64 to death.

  • Still a classic.

  • Still the best 3D Mario game.

  • Still... worth having on this list.

  • Okay, yeah, Worms stays on the list. What can I say? Even with all the Japan-Only games out there, the N64 just doesn't have that expansive of a library. And with a console so built around multiplayer, Worms beats out a lot of the competition. It's probably the 30th game I'd pick for the system, but I still would.

  • Dig-diggity

    Dig-Diggity Dog

    Still the best Wrestling game

    But could you imagine the nightmare it would be to license this in 2019?

    It'll never happen.

    Much like this list.

    (also, if you wondering why all the Rare games disappeared, it's because the better versions of those games are on the 360/Xbone and all available in the Rare Replay collection.

    Except for Goldeneye.

    Which is trash.)