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  • #24 - Chimchar - F Tier (↓5)

    Their HAIR is POOP.

  • #23 - Grookey - D- Tier (New)

    Grookey does not look like a friend.

    Grookey looks like a fraud trying to pass themself off as a friend to gain your trust.

    And then it feasts.

  • #22 - Tepig - D Tier (↓4)

    It's been nine years since the black and white starters were announced and Tepig is still wearing a diaper.

    I'm concerned for their health.

  • #21 - Turtwig - D Tier (↓4)

    Gen 3 and Gen 4 were tied to generational leaps in Nintendo Handhelds, which lead to Pokemon designs with increased detail and more colours.

    Which is the exact opposite of what you want out of Pokemon designs. Less is more and Turtwig is *the* example of this in the starters (at least until Grookey came along). Turtwig is a good idea with a great silhouette, but is ruined by too many details, too many colours, and... whatever those feet are supposed to be.

  • #20 - Chespin - D+ Tier (↓6)

    Another great example of taking away from a design by adding way too many distracting features. They get points above Turtwig cause their hood is cute, even if it makes no sense.

  • #19 - Popplio - D+ Tier (↑1)

    Popplio is so adorable, but the clown motif really drags it to the bottom of the list.

    Don't worry little buddy. You'll get your revenge in the evolved lists.

  • #18 - Mudkip - D+ Tier (↑3)

    Okay, some people like you Mudkip, for whatever reason. Your smile is pretty cute, even if you have a lot wrong with your design.

  • #17 - Froakie - C- Tier (↓7)

    Time has not been kind to Froakie's design. Again, too complicated and whatever that cloud thing is on their back does a real number on their silhouette.

    Also we never figured out what the heck those glasses looking things are.

  • #16 - Treecko - C- Tier (↓3)

    Head still looks like a butt.

  • #15 - Torchic - C Tier (No change)

    Okay, okay, Torchic is alright I guess. I still think their half bill half beak mouth is lame.

  • #14 - Scorbunny - C+ Tier (NEW)

    I like that Scorbunny's whole deal is that it has so much energy that it just wants to run around a lot. That's adorable.

    But I just don't get that from their design? They look like, if anything, they want to fight someone what with that bandage and OH MY GOD THEY ARE MAKING ANOTHER FIRE FIGHTING STARTER ABORT ABORT ABORT

  • #13 - Oshawott - C+ Tier (↑3)

    Like it's really just those ear things that bug me. They look like Mr. Mime's hair. And the closer to Mr. Mime you are, the closer you are to the devil.

    Oshawott falls above the last two purely for those adorable freckles.

  • #12 - Sobble - B- Tier (NEW)

    What are they? Who knows! But they're cute and sad all the time and sure why not.

    The definition of a mid-tier Pokemon design.

  • #11 - Piplup - B Tier (No change)

    I can confirm that penguins are still cute.

    And Piplup rides that cuteness train all the way to just shy of the top 10 yet again.

  • #10 - Litten - B Tier (↓1)

    Unfortunately for Litten, we still have no idea what those markings on your head mean or why they are there.

    Litten is a good kitty, but who hurt you?

  • #9 - Chikorita - B+ Tier (↓3)

    Chikorita is still a great design, but the praise I had for their design being feminine even with the gender ratio being skewed so male (and therefore a lot of the starter designs skewed male as well)... let's just say another starter's evolutions kinda took that to a whole other level.

  • #8 - Charmander - B+ Tier (↓5)

    "Blasphemy! Charmander was third last time! How dare I flip flop on the closest starter trio in the series!" - Inner-8-year-old me to 2019 me.

    Sorry, they're just a little too plain.

  • #7 - Bulbasaur - A- Tier (No change)

    Bulbasaur is such a good design, even the Detective Pikachu version of them looks adorable.

  • #6 - Squirtle - A- Tier (↓1)

    Squirtle Squad wins this round, but don't get too cocky: we all know it's downhill from here for this evolutionary line.

  • #5 - Rowlet - A Tier (↑7)

    The initial art of this Pokemon still looks like their beak is an eldritch horror mouth meant to chew the souls of the living, but once you play the actual game, you start falling in love with your little borb pal. Especially when they turn their little head around to say hello in the middle of a battle.

  • #4 - Fennekin - A+ Tier (↓2)

    Fennekin really needs to trim those ear hairs. It's such a minor complaint, but like, just a little grooming would help them out so much.

    Still want to hug one and never let go. We're really hitting the best of the best here when it comes to good Pokemon friends.

  • #3 - Snivy - A+ Tier (↑5)

    I love this smug piece of shit.

  • #2 - Cyndaquil - A+ Tier (↑2)

    Cyndaquil just has such a cool idea and execution that I really wish I could give it the top spot, but that belongs too...

  • #1 - Totodile - S Tier (No change)

    Still the best, after all these years.

    A good friend.

    The best friend.

  • #0 - Eevee - God Tier (NEW)

    Much like Pikachu, Eevee does not count.