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Summer Time Backlog 2014

So summer, at least for me, started a month ago exactly, but I still want to put down a little reminder list of what games from my backlog I've been wanting to finally get around to. Usually when new consoles launch it's the perfect time to wrap up the leftovers of the previous generation, but with the Vita, 3DS, PC, and Wii U getting a ton of good games this year (check out my list of games still coming out), I doubt I'll be able to tackle many old titles while trying to keep up with the new stuff.

But hey! This list has way more games than I could possibly play through in a single summer anyway, so it's already overshooting the whole concept of wrapping everything up. This list is little more than a reminder, a subsection of my backlog that I've thought "Man, I should REALLY play this soon." Something to glance back at when I have time to play video games, but have trouble narrowing my focus.

List items

  • A fan-translation of this game came out recently. 7th Dragon is inspired by (and developed by some of the same people as) Etrian Odyssey, one of my favourite series of the past generation and I have anxiously awaited a day where I could play it.

  • I've had it installed for about two years. Let's see if I finally get around to playing it...

  • Have been interested in Spiderweb's stuff, but never really dove into any of the games. Seems like the best place to start, as it's a remake of the first Avernum game.

  • I hate episodic formats, so I think I'd actually prefer to wait for the other two parts to come out before playing this, but I may not be able to resist...

  • Again, I hate having to wait between installments of a franchise. Now that the pentalogy is over, I can finally play this fantastic sounding indie adventure game series. I've heard great things...

  • With my love of JRPG's, I think this is a must.

  • Playing with friends, but online co-op has been a little... dicey. Loving it so far.

  • I've only played two games of Civ V, but I like to play really long campaigns. Still, I quickly found how much I loved Gods & Kings and Brave New World sounds like only an improvement to the formula.

  • I actually just picked up a copy of this. Other than a brief rental when it came out, I really haven't played much of it.

  • Love this game. It's really grind-y, but I just love the perfect execution of this fantastic premise.

  • How have I not finished this?

  • I'm very, very early in the game, but enjoying it. Put it down and just didn't have the time to pick it back up. Manged to beat the first few bosses handily though? Probably shouldn't be overly confident...

  • Disgaea has been a little tired over the past few iterations, but I still love its gameplay and try to tune out the story as much as possible.

  • One of the only Dragon Quest games I haven't played.

  • I've heard fantastic things about this Visual Novel. Trying to give this genre a little more attention, as I loved the time I've spent with games like Zero Escape.

  • I still haven't beaten Earthbound, but I made it to Summers on the Wii U last year. Hopefully I can pick it back up!

  • Another fan translation. It seems like, beyond the dark times for the series on the DS, this is the most modern FE game I have yet to play.

  • Was waiting for the update to jump in. Roguelikes and Roguelike-likes have quickly become a new favourite of mine and enjoyed the small bit of FTL I've played here and there.

  • NEED to play this.

  • I bought this like a year ago, installed it, and did nothing with it. The fact that there is no monthly fee is great because I don't feel pressured to play it all the time.

    Edit: Took a good stab at it and it was really, really fun! Will jump in and out at my leisure.

  • About half way through? Want to finish the original before picking up the sequel.

  • Love Love Love the Harvest Moon series. I have a lot of great memories of renting Wonderful Life back on the Gamecube, but I didn't own it until about a year ago. I know it takes forever, but it seems like a great game to play at the same time as jumping into a more involved experience like Guild Wars 2.

  • I'm addicted and that's not changing soon.

    Edit: Stockpiling gold for Naxx.

  • Another game that I can't play until my Vita is back from repairs. Played it a bit on the PC, but I honestly can't go back after playing it on a portable.

  • My vita might be dead, but at least I could jump into some PSP games? Only played the first few maps of Jeanne D'arc and just put it down for some unknown reason. Probably to play Final Fantasy Tactics again.

  • A game about dialogue choices, character customization, and managing the mood of a young princess so she doesn't get brutally, brutally murdered. Sounds sufficiently weird.

  • Love King's Bounty. Jumping back and forth between the games, but I think I'll focus on Warriors of the North for now. It's a little more polished.

  • Another really old game I just got recently. Excited for tank controls and terrible amateur voice acting.



    Yep. I just got this game last year. Was LOVING the game from what I played of it, but ran into a difficult boss and took a break, never to pick it up again.

  • Another game I was enjoying, but just wandered into playing something else instead. Music and visuals are excellent from what I've played so far, though the game is a little slow. I just got access to a boat, so I think the game is about to open up more.

  • When you read textbooks daily for 8 months of the year, the last thing you want to do is close your textbook so you can stare at a pages and pages of text scroll past on a television screen. I enjoyed the little of story mode I've played, but now that I have some distance between me and my required course material, I think I can see this expansion on the Persona universe through to the end before its sequel comes out.

  • Persona 4 is my favourite game and I bought a Vita basically just to play it again whenever I felt like it. Going through this version slowly, slowed even more by my out of commission Vita.

  • Nuzlocke runs! I tried my first one with Soulsilver earlier this year and I fell in love with this self-imposed playstyle. I've got about 5 badges in Kanto so far and I'm trying to make a team that will last me until I beat Red.

  • I've actually never been a huge fan of the series, but I want to give this new version a try.

  • Just started playing the Ratchet & Clank games earlier this year. Love the first, fresh look into game design from over a decade ago in a genre I love.

  • After Going Commando I'm moving onto Up Your Arsenal...


  • Yet another game I love, but never finished. Capitalism, Ho!

  • I hated Rayman Origins when I played the demo of it, but I feel like I never gave the game a solid chance. Willing to reinstall it and give it another shot.

  • Love the JRPG genre, but never got around to playing the Shadow Hearts games. Picked this up a few years ago, but never popped it in.

  • Basically the same situation as Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It's one of the only offshoots of the SMT genre I've never played.

  • I've played through all of Skullgirls, but I just want to get better at it. I regularly run fighting game tournaments for a lot of games, Skullgirls included, but it's probably been a year since I jumped into training mode. Been waiting for Big Band to come out, so I'm itching to head into the lab with him.

  • Some say it's the best 3D Sonic game, which is basically damning with faint praise, but I've talked to enough people who liked it to be curious enough to give it a try.

  • All I know about this game is that I've had friends tell me I would enjoy it after screaming "PLAY IT NOW" into my face. Uhhhh....

  • Much like Skullgirls, I'm looking forward to jumping back into the lab again. I polished up my AE 2012 game a bit for the past month, so much so that I ended up going 0-2 at UFGT! Guh. Anyway, not much use in practicing now, but when Ultra drops I'll be searching for a new character to play after Juri got hit with nerfs to her flexibility between playstyles and became firmly a rushdown, burst damage, big combo character.

  • Picked this up on PSN a loooonnng time ago, but finally giving it a shot. Another victim of my Vita's unfortunate demise.

  • I've been saying I'm going to play this game since it came out, but I think with a new phone to play it on, I can't really resist.

  • I really didn't like the first Galaxy. Don't really know why I want to play another one. I think somewhere inside of me I think me hating Galaxy was just a fantasy I cooked up. That it was actually somehow a good game, but I just hated it for unknown reasons. Maybe Galaxy 2 will change my entire opinion on these games!

    More likely is that I'll play about 2 hours of it and trade it in somewhere for a few bucks.

  • Valkyria Chronicles 2's boring as hell story, incredibly simplified combat, and undercooked high school simulator elements made the game a massive disappointment. I still think the original is one of the best games to come out in the last 10 years and I've heard that 3 is a lot closer to the original than VC2's unfortunate direction. Hoping the fan translation is bearable.

  • Got into the Ys series recently. Ys I holds up incredibly well considering its age and obviously outdated mechanics and Memories of Celceta (the remake of Ys IV on Vita) was a highlight of last year. Hoping to finish Ys II soon so I can move onto...

  • ... the Ys III remake that everyone talks about, with both the PC and PSP versions getting a lot of love. It doesn't quite have the same battle system as the classic "bump" combat system in Ys I & II or the team based, simple-yet-frantic action combat of Ys: Memories of Celceta, so I'm looking forward to a unique Action RPG experience.

  • Bionic Commando but with a complete focus on gameplay surrounding the swinging mechanics. Also there are no guns, all the enemies are fish, and there is barely a story holding it all together. It's a game to just play a level or two (or just the same one over and over again because it's really hard) right before bed.

  • I'm most of the way through the game, but only play a bit here and there.


    This game is incredibly cute.

  • Much like Banner Saga, I would prefer to wait for this game to be complete to play it, but MAN I doubt I can resist a Tim Schafer adventure game.


    Couldn't Resist. Beat it. WTF that ending. How am I expected to wait for Act 2 now?

  • Danganronpa is a game about despair, so I think it's fitting that while I was heading into Chapter 3 of the game, my Vita's screen cracked and I'm going to have to wait a few weeks until it can get repaired. Q_Q


    I loved it despite hating so many things about it.

  • I hated the Wii version purely due to the controls. Hoping the 3DS version is good?


    It was really gooood! Amazing how much having proper controls can improve a game.

  • Again, my Vita is out of commission. Was really liking the game and its approach to the Superhero story. You know, beyond the contrived usage of the touchscreen and rear touch pad.


    Finished it! It's incomprehensible but it's also really fun?

  • I was RIGHT at the end of the game when my Vita cracked. Wish I would have activated cloud saves for the game so I could finish it on PS3...


    Finished it! It was cool. Really liked the mechanics and music, but the story and a bit of the level design left something to be desired.

  • My phone died (yep, my phone AND my Vita died. Has not been a good May) when I was SO CLOSE to the end. Not looking forward to replaying most of it, but I think progress will come easy now that I know the solutions.


    Completed it. Ending kinda gave me the fucking creeps.

  • Backed it. Never played it. Love SRPG's, but never played a Shadowrun game.


    Hooked me pretty hard, start to finish.