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Window Shopping: Games of 2016 are Passing Me By

For those of us with broad tastes in games, it's guaranteed that we cannot play every game that we want to that comes out in a given year. There just isn't enough time. You could play games professionally as a streamer and still not have enough time in the day to tackle every indie darling and AAA powerhouse that catches our eye.

And while time is the most limited resource in our lives, money can be another. Basically, I'm unemployed while I finish my last stretch of my degree and broke. Or at least, so consistently close to broke that things like food, bills, and gas take precedence over the video games. And therefore, as cool as 2016 has been so far, I can count the number of 2016 games that I've played on one hand. And the list of games that "I'll have to remember to play later once I have a steady income" is starting to get far too long to keep in my head.

So this list is for future me, who certainly won't have the time to play all the games listed, but won't have to worry about wasting time trying to remember what exactly I missed...

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