I don't even hate it; I just don't think it could be much more disappointing without being aggressively bad. My ★½…

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Feels Unfinished 1

I typically write a ridiculously long review of EA's latest NHL game, but so little has changed since last year that there isn't much worth mentioning.First and most importantly, this year's game looks awful. Most of the new animations are really bad, especially when physics are involved. The physics engine is just crazy. Players spaz out in the most unexpected ways, and there are already a good many screenshots and videos of unrealistic lunacy on the virtual ice. You can headbutt your opponents...

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A Superlatively Worthy Successor to Rez 6

If anybody was going to be disappointed by Child of Eden, it would probably be me. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the game’s director, previously created the game Rez (another musical shooter), which revolutionized my view of games as a teenager. Rez made me realize--just as 2001: A Space Odyssey did for me with film--that the medium could be used for something more emotionally resonant than the commercial works that are most popular and best publicized. Since then, I’ve decided to pursue a career in game d...

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How the West Was Wanting 1

Warning: Mild, vague-ish spoilers in this review. It’s a patent-pending Late to the Party review, so I’m not too concerned. I just finished Red Dead Redemption and, I have to say: it would’ve made a pretty good movie. However, that’s not something you want to say about a video game. It’s impossible to spend more than fifteen minutes in the world of Red Dead Redemption without being overwhelmed by the game’s graphical fidelity. Everything in the world looks absolutely beautiful, from the musc...

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A truly exceptional sports title 6

Last year, I reviewed NHL 10 and would have said it wasn't a necessary purchase for owners of 09 who weren't hardcore hockey fans. That isn't the case with this year's entry in EA's hockey franchise, though. It's a really impressive game that all hockey fans should buy (new, if you have any interest in some of the games most exciting features), but it's certainly not perfect. A lot was said about NHL 11's real-time physics engine in the months leading up to its release. Maybe it's my fault,...

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Excellent product that seems impossible not to recommend. 0

Chime is a pretty humble effort in more ways than one.  The gameplay is simple, it's only five dollars, and it only has five levels.  There's also the impossible-to-ignore fact that the developers have pledged no less than 60% of the game's profits to charity.  I simply can't think of a reason not to recommend this game to anybody.  As I said, the gameplay doesn't take a 300-page manual to explain, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to it.  The basic mechanics are simple enough, but some of t...

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A good game that causes concern for the future of the franchise. 0

At this point, the Skate franchise doesn't seem to have any real competition.  Most people think that the Tony Hawk series is dead in the water and, while Skate 3 is far from a complacent cash-in, its release and the content of the game don't pack nearly the punch that Skate 2 did.  Skate 2 turned what was a revolutionary game concept into a better-realized game as a whole.  That's arguably what most sequels should be.  However, with Skate 3, it seems as though EA Black Box may be contracting se...

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Creative, quirky, and satisfying but with significant weaknesses. 0

I love music.   I love making music.  I love it when people make music in unusual ways.  This is why I came to Electroplankton with so much optimism. I recently had the good fortune of finding an Electroplankton cartridge in an Irish GameStop and could barely help myself from being obnoxiously excited about it.  For the unfamiliar:  Electroplankton is a ga--excuse me.  Electroplankton is mostly not a game, at least in the most academic definition of the word.  Electroplankton could best be descr...

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Should you level up to save Tokyo? I don't see why not. 0

I bought a DS in the fall of 2009 to play Scribblenauts, but it turned out that I've spent most of my time on the system since then playing Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.  It's a great game that is easy to play in either long or short bursts, making it perfect for a handheld system.  Like so many others on this site, I had my interest in the Shin Megami Tensei series piqued by the Persona 4 Endurance Run.   I had very little experience playing RPGs before playing Devil Survivor, unless you ...

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Strong, yet imperfect iteration of EA's annual NHL franchise. 2

NHL 10 is probably the best hockey game ever made.  However, I can't give it five stars. I've spent a lot of time with this game (I went to the midnight release of it and it has barely left my 360 since) and didn't want to write a review that was at all hasty and I think I'm familiar enough with it to say this: I love this game.  Ever since NHL 07, I've wondered how EA could top their current title with the next year's iteration and they somehow have always pleasantly surprised me with a quality...

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Can you barely pull off dragon punches? This game may be for you! 0

I'm not very good at fighting games.  Memorizing combos just isn't for me and the kind of dedication and experience needed to be even slightly competitive is pretty daunting.  It also takes a really specific kind of dexterity that you really can't prepare for by doing anything else.What I'm saying is that I get absolutely owned online in Street Fighter IV unless I'm playing against someone who doesn't even know more than one of their character's special moves.  However, you don't need to be a fi...

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Easily the worst baseball game I've ever played. 1

I rented this game with low expectations and--even at that--I was disappointed.It's entirely possible that I was playing the game incorrectly and/or that you have to tweak the sliders to have the game make sense, but this was my experience (on normal difficulty):There is absolutely no rhythm to the pitching motion controls and unless there's something I'm not understanding about the game of baseball itself, the pitcher fatigue is completely absurd.  Your pitcher ends up at like 50% stamina after...

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