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Honest question here, I read the patch notes, unlocked my frame rate, and still had crippling stutter anywhere near the city. My friend still crashes out about 1/4 of the time when joining an online race. Has anyone noticed any actual improvements?

Edit: Actually, I finally got my Warthog, so that's something I guess.

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Nice, I've been complaining about that voice thing for the last week. Now if only they'd fix the sound to be 5.1 in my headphones.

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Just a warning, the PC chat stuff is still somewhat incomplete. As far as I can tell, there's no way to turn off in-game chat, and Xbox party chat has it's own application and chat channel, so PC users end up hearing double from other PC users. We had more luck just using in game chat for everything, but I'm sure that'll break down with the number of people that show up to GB nights.

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Co-op campaign: Open world, one person is the host and picks events and such just as they would for their solo game, and gets credit when those races are complete.

Online Adventure: Four themed races in a row, picked by the computer, with brief drive between sequences in the open world, but no real open world play as such. After 4 races, vote on the next theme and do it again.

Online Freeroam: Open world, but most of the events turned off. For literally just driving around together, finding billboards and enjoying the scenery.

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I have had a surprising amount of fun bounding through the Outback in the Ford (F150) Raptor '17.

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@yummytreesap: Sounds like you have larger problems than this, but I thought I'd point out that the Standard steering mode in Horizon does provide some steering assists, so maybe try simulation and see if it feels any better?

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Do you meet the listed requirements on the store page? Windows store simply will not allow you to download if you don't meet them, or if the store is unable to detect them. In particular, the game requires the Win10 Anniversary update.

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Given that I've run into three games recently that I've been having hitching problems due to CPU load (on my perfectly good 3.4 ghz i5) I'm considering exploring overclocking. It doesn't feel like it should be that hard for an Xbox One game to stay under my CPU cap.

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For some reason my brand new PC isn't 100% compatible with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and blue screens all the time when it's installed... so I'll let you know when I can.

As for playing it on the XB1, it's pretty awesome.

This ended up being a monitor webcam for me. I unplugged the USB cable running to the monitor and it installed perfectly.

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@falconer said:

For anyone that this is their first Xbox game on PC, a couple of pointers.

Become familiar with the Xbox app. This is where you'll access your friends list, join parties, see your activity feed, and manage Game DVR settings.

The Game bar is a built in way to record video and take screenshots with Xbox games. (It even (sometimes) works with non-Xbox PC games.) If your settings allow it, things you capture with the Game bar will automatically post to your activity feed for your friends to see, just like on the Xbox One.

And of course, playing multiplayer Xbox games on PC doesn't require a Gold subscription, but obviously you'll still need a gamertag.

On the flip side of this, turning of the DVR function can get you some CPU back, so you might try disabling it if you're having performance problems.