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Ok I fixed it.

I'm going to list what I did in case this happens to someone someday and they need help and stumble upon this page because of Google or something because through the tens of forums I searched that were years old, not one person bothered to update their OP with how they fixed their problem and that is terrible and they should be punished.

Basically, my phone was bricked. Usually it is impossible to unbrick an iphone, but if it's stuck in the recovery mode cycle and you can't restore it because it's jail broken and no third party programs work for you such as tinyumbrella or redsn0w, there is some hope if you follow these steps.

1.) Download an IOS IPSW from Google. You will need to visit and enter what type of update you want as well what type of phone you have. I entered Iphone, 4s, and the firmware I chose was update 5.1.1 because the 6.0 updates were what got me into this mess in the first place.

2.) After you download the firmware into your computer open up iTunes and try to restore your iphone again, but this time hold shift before clicking restore. When doing so a pop up box of your downloaded files should pop up. Choose the IPSW you just downloaded and the restore process will begin. Since this is not a restore issue, but a bricking issue this won't work for you like it didn't for me the first time. Before the restore process is finished another error box will pop up only this time it will be error '3194'.


3.) From this point open up your start menu and select 'computer' and then select your (C) drive. After this locate your 'windows' folder and open it, then locate your 'Systems32' folder and open that, then locate your 'drivers' folder and open that and then finally locate your 'etc' folder (which is usually at the top) and open that.

4.) Inside your 'etc' folder you find a file that says 'hosts'. Right click on it and copy it. Then right click at the bottom of the page and select paste. (This is a precautionary measure in case you screw something up.

5.) Now that you have a copy of 'hosts' in your 'etc' folder, drag the original 'hosts' file to your desktop.

6.) Minimize the 'etc' page and open up the 'hosts' folder that is now located on your desktop. It will ask you what program to open up the file in. Select 'Notepad'. After doing this Notepad will open with the text. Scroll all the way to the bottom and delete the line of text that says and NOTHING else. Click on the save tab and then close 'Notepad' after you have saved it.

7.) After you close the notepad program, reopen your 'etc' folder that you minimized earlier. Drag the 'hosts' folder that is on your desktop back to your 'etc' folder. Basically you're just redoing what you did at the beginning of step 6 by dragging the 'hosts' file back from your desktop to it's original place in 'etc'.

8.) Reopen up itunes and click restore.

Boom. You have just fixed your bricked iphone.

(I am also not responsible if something bad happens. This will only work if your phone was bricked but was still able to turn on to recovery mode. DO NOT do this if it's simply stuck in recovery mode, but can be restored. You will royally fuck up your iphone if you do this. This is for people who have no other options because restoring won't work and third party programs can't help (such as tinyumbrella and redsn0w).

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@extomar said:

Hmm, I thought stuff like Error 21 were things like "can't validate image install" which it does by talking with Apple's servers and fetching keys. I would try going to another machine, installing iTunes and try plugging it and see what you get.

Error 21 is usually a battery error, but it is also a jailbreak error that happens frequently (apparently).

I have tried on 3 different PCs already, but still end up with the same result. Thanks for the advice though!

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PS I like the new look GB. You be lookin fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnne.

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I have an iphone 4s that is jail broken (I purchased it that way) and after trying to update it, it got stuck in recovery mode. After hours of searching for a way to fix it to no avail, I decided to just restore it via Itunes. However after the iphone is about to be wiped an error message pops up that says "Error 21" and i'm back at square one with an iphone that is stuck in recovery mode and can't be restored "turned back to it's factory settings and erased completely).

I have searched countless google pages and have watched at least 20 youtube videos, but I cannot for the life of my iphone fix this problem.

I have downloaded tinyumbrella and clicked "exit recovery mode" which restarts my phone, but doesn't fix the problem. It just stays in recovery mode.

I am desperate... if anyone can help me fix my phone I swear to Mother Gaia herself that I will be forever in your debt. Please save the Titanic (my iphone). We have been through a lot together and I always imagined that her death would be because I dropped her and she shattered epically while I watched in horror. This is how iphones are suppose to die. NOT LIKE THIS! PLEASSEEEEEEEEE....

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@CL60 said:


@CL60 said: A gamefaqs moderator was there. Explains what it was like and how he got outta there and stuff.

Can you quote the text? I'm not signing up for an account to view whatever that was.

The email I have just received is so god damn absurd that this must be shared, so it's story time. Every word of this is the most absolute truth. I live in Aurora, Colorado. Being a GameFAQs moderator who is bound to see a ton of TDKR spoilers, I decided to see it as quickly as possible to avoid having it spoiled for me. Thus, I went to the midnight showing at the Century 16 that's two blocks from my apartment. You may have heard about what happened here. Long story short, I somehow got out without a scratch. I've got a skinned knee from hitting the floor, and eventually low crawling the hell out of there when the shooting stopped. The guy two seats to the right of me was shot in the head, and probably died instantly. I gave my written and spoken statements to the police and got to go home at about 3AM after a hell of a lot of confusion. I've been watching the news ever since. About an hour ago, I got an email received notification, and just looked at it in shock when I saw the title. It was an automated email message. From: Fandango Title: How did you like The Dark Knight Rises? Fandango sent automated messages asking people how they liked the movie they were watching when some psychopath shot the place up. I wish I was making any of this up, but this is the deity of your choice's honest truth here. Boggles the f***ing mind. I need a vacation. Then in another post he said Pretty much everything has already been covered by the news. The guy came from the back exit (which is in the front of the theater, on the right side), not from behind the screen. I saw a canister fly and initially thought it was a stink bomb or something. Who expects something like this to happened. Then I heard a loud bang, then he started shooting. I dove to the floor, and looked up, seeing the dude who was sitting next to me (seat between us was empty) slumped in the chair, head back, face covered in blood, and completely motionless. I laid as flat as I could and didn't move for several minutes. After a long period between gunshots, I crawled to my left, and darted past the stairs (I was on the floor) and into the exit corridor, keeping as low as possible, then ran like hell. I didn't really see anything more than muzzle flashes and a shadow behind it, but I was quite understandably not looking too hard. The site of that dude slumped lifelessly in his chair is probably going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I myself am mostly all right I think, but then I haven't tried to sleep yet.

Wow. Poor dude. I can't even imagine what experiencing something like that would do to me.

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@Clonedzero said:

@Dexter_Morgan_: go back a few pages and read my post on this. people arent laughing at the this tragedy they're trying to lighten the mood so they can process it easier. freaking out and insulting them isnt any better, in fact its worse. so you fuck off buddy.

"Too bad Batman wasn't there"

Really? How are these type of comments "ok"?

You or I or they weren't there. There is no victim complex to justify this trolling behavior and I get that even calling you mother fuckers out on it is doing more harm than good because that's not what this should be about, so i'm just going to leave it at that. Enjoy your "processing jokes".

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@Canteu said:

@Clonedzero: To be fair, making jokes about tragic events is a very British thing.

Perhaps these Americans don't understand that and take it as an insult or something.

I don't even...

What the fuck is wrong with you? Not just you, but the people on this site and on the internet in general.

How is this shit even remotely funny?

I don't take these things too seriously because these things tend to happen a lot, but what I don't understand is how you can turn this shit into a joke.

Fuck off and die.

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lol a Ferris Wheel...

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@mrfizzy said:

@Vodun said:

Oh dear, here we go again. Apparently some nutter with body armour and tear gas went trigger happy at a movie theater in Denver:

So, what do you think will be blamed first this time? Muslims or computer games? It's 50/50 these days.

You know what won't be blamed? Gun laws.

@jakob187: I'm with you. I'm guessing the guy had mental health issues but that's just a guess. What sort of sane person could do that?

Gun Laws? Are you kidding me?

This fucker shot 50 people because hes a psycho douche bag, not because he had guns. If he was smart enough to build a "sophisticated explosive device", i'm sure he would have found another way to do this.

People need to stop blaming subjective things like religion, culture, guns, video games etc. because at the end of the day, we make our own decisions. If there is a hell I hope this douche bag finds his way there as soon as possible.

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What a dick. XD