GOTY 2020

List items

  • How did they make a good Final Fantasy again? How is it a remake of FF7? I always really enjoyed FF7 as I do most classic Final Fantasy games but it was never in contention as my favorite - however - I found this remake making me like that original game a whole lot more retroactively because of how much this remake does for all the characters.

  • Warzone babbbbby, can't believe how much fun this mode is. Love the contrast of fast action and slow stealthy sections, it's so satisfying. It is easily my game of the year technically speaking based on sheer amount of time played.

  • I really didn't expect this to grab me as much as it did but on the PS5 at high res 60fps it is an absolute stunner and the combat and running around feel so good. No other game made me stop and exclaim how gorgeous they were as often as this one did and there are much more technically advanced PS5 and PC games on this list. The natural beauty of Sucker Punch's vision of Tsushima Island is truly staggering and it works so beautifully in spite of several other visual shortcomings.

    I loved the story, the characters, and in particular the writing. There is so much thoughtful dialogue in this game and I really appreciated it, it showed me how important that is for an open world game with plenty of filler. Every chance they get is filled with small situations to flesh out Jin's personality and the world around him and it worked so well on me. I feel like understand Tsushima island and I was with Jin every step of the way. The choices you make in the game are meaningful, believable, challenging, and still stick with me on an emotional level and I'll be wearing my white ghost armor on into new game plus.

  • I mean, it's kind of unfair to others on here, but - it's Demon's Souls - and it's on the PS5.

  • The best VR game I've ever played. Looking back the experience of playing it is so different than any other game. It's less about remembering big moments in a story and forgetting all the individual gameplay details the way you tend to with a usual game and more about remembering specific actions.

    It feels more like remembering an actual "real life" memory. I remember things like bending over in certain rooms, crouching under certain obstacles, catching certain objects, BEING IN certain environments and that's pretty incredible. Can't wait to experience more like this.

  • What a gem, the only reason it isn't higher is because it isn't longer. I'm torn between wanting to move it up even still. The game design here is pretty remarkable, the love letter to PlayStation is so expertly handled, the gameplay could have felt like an afterthought to celebrate PlayStation but instead it all manages to come together so organically. The fact that it's both one of the best platformers I've ever played and a supremely effective nostalgia trip seem too good to be true. I really hope we get some more Astro Bot content.

  • This is a great start for Miles and I really hope we get a full length game with him and the awesome characters that surround him. Looking forward to them expanding on this great foundation for Spider-Man too.

  • Woof. It's astonishing how good this game plays, I frequently think about jumping in just to enjoy some of that fantastic stealth. I have some issues with some character motivations and how they overlap with structural decisions within the context of a videogame versus just a vehicle for the story being told but its still extremely well done.

  • A pretty great platformer in the world of LBP, an absolute blast in co-op!

  • I am so happy there's a good Tony Hawk game again. Bring on 3 please.

  • This is a really fun Xcom with some smart Gears of War tweaks, I just really wish they didn't pad out the end game with the exact same mission setups over and over again. A perfect example of quality over quantity, they had the quality already, they didn't need to make it artificially longer - or at least give me the option to skip the non-story ones.

  • Doom Eternal takes a bit to get started but it's still really good. That being said, I don't think it's going to stick with me the way 2016 did. Looks gorgeous in HDR.

  • Disappointed about the length but what can I say, I love a single player Resident Evil campaign. Wish there was more just wondering around the city and puzzles to solve. This engine is really good.

  • I really desperately want to like this game so much more than I do, but I'm happy for the fans.

  • Really want to play more of this.

  • Damn whaaaat do we have here? This game rules.

  • It's wild I didn't play this more, really hoping that gets fixed in 2021. Would love to do some co-op.