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Games I deeply love

Perhaps this list best represents games if I do not love to play today, the sheer memories of the fun I had playing the game originally demands I still love the game.  Sometimes for obvious reasons, sometimes inexplicably.

List items

  • My reasoning for loving this game is probably simple. The first MMO I ever played. Yes, the game was/is shit in a lot of ways. Still, the sheer nostalgia of these first experiences give me waves of pleasure. The simple MIDI soundtrack, the ratty vector lighting, the environmental design, the community! A classic, and all too scorned today!

  • Perhaps this game would not hold up as well today? It is hard for me to tell through introspection. Yes, the theme is a large part of the appeal. Yes, the graphics were nice for the time - gouraud shading. The complexities of enforcing forward shields or putting energy towards power - understanding the complexities and strengths of enemy ships...

    Still I believe much of the appeal came from working your ways up the ranks through crushing rebel scum and cracking down on narcotics smugglers.

  • Simply put, Castle Crashers is the best brawler of all time. Not through fighting mechanics depth, not even through basic control. But in overall depth. Yes, the music is excellent. Yes, the graphics design is appealing. What really makes this the best brawler ever is the length and size of the game. Simply put it's something that was always missing from the genre. Either you had massive repetition or you had short arcade ports such as Double Dragon or Final Fight. I could never feel good about paying full price to own home versions of those games, but were fine in an arcade setting.

    Anyways, Castle Crashers finally delivers on the promise of a simple, engaging brawler that has enough length and depth to support ownership. A first of its kind, as far as I'm concerned.

  • This is the most basic level of perfection a game can achieve. Gameplay with perfect simplicity, a pure test of gaming mettle. Extremely appealing sound effects and visuals.

  • One simple step forward for Robotron 2084. More complex aiming, more complex movement, more complex enemies, without the extra crap which only serves to complicate but not improve, such as in Geo Wars 2.

    The state of gaming nirvana required to excel at the game cannot be described to a non-gamer. When you do well you are in the zone. Conscious thought is halted, self awareness ends. You have achieved enlightenment, and hopefully 2 million points!

  • Model 2 arcade hardware. So nice.

  • Hard to say why I love this game so much. It wasn't the first SHMUP I owned for home systems, it wasn't the first I ever played, it wasn't the first I ever beat. It did take me almost 10 years to beat.

    Perhaps it is because, unlike any other game, it demonstrates to myself my own increase in gaming skill. At one time I was unable to beat the 3rd level, now the game is easy for me.

    The music is great, the graphics are nice enough... The gameplay is fairly simple compared to other SHMUPs, but you get no continues, so you must play fairly well.

    More than anything else it was one of those games I *really* wanted to beat as a child, but couldn't until I played the game much more over the years!

  • A simple enough infatuation to describe - very catchy & fantastic music, great sound effects, artistically interesting graphical design and solid gameplay. Perhaps nothing extraordinary about the game at all - it wouldn't compare particularly well to the console platformers of the time on any practical or objective level. It simply was a very nice game, and obscure enough that I was the only person I knew who had ever played it.

    Dopefish should make more game cameos.

  • In my opinion, the best first person shooter ever made, to this day.

    THE best graphics of its time, great music, great artistic direction. Timeless and absolute perfection of the genre. Absolutely the most influential game of all time. Perhaps the most important game to this day. Level design that trumps modern design in gameplay - secrets and depth.

  • In addition to everything I like about Doom, sick box art.

  • A different kind of story driven game. While the basic gameplay is rock solid, the graphics great, the music appealing - the main draw, like in Tie Fighter, is progressing in this virtual world.

  • What is it about Virtua Cop? A nice quick play. I got it free with my Saturn, and now I play it on Model 2 emulators. Great music, amazing graphics for the time, and simple rail shooter action.

  • The purity of the action is the draw here. A challenge to overcome, you in complete control. Distilled, yet nuanced, intuitive, and extremely complicated. 2 Analog buttons, 1 analog stick. You and the game.

  • Something about the rigid and brutal tower defense gameplay interests me. The game also has a nice theme and style. Soothing.

  • To me the best version is clearly the original Gameboy version. The NES version is decent, but something about the controls feel the slightest bit off. Of course the GB version blows the more recent 'Tetris' games out of the water, those which follows 'official Tetris rules' by allowing you to spin a block and have infinite time to place the piece. Such a disgrace!

    Anyways, there's nothing better than the simplicity and perfection of Tetris. If there are genius cybermind super computer AIs in the universe completely unaware of human culture, surely they too have invented Tetris on their own homeworlds.

  • If nothing else this game proves you can make an excellent platformer played exclusively through the first person perspective. Great music, interesting graphics. A short but sweet experience.

  • I have a fetish for these boats.

  • So many great pinball tables, so vividly realized.

  • The original WipEout is hard to play today, but the theme and music are as great as ever. This one started it all, so I can't ignore it any longer.

  • A fun non linear game that combines puzzles, platforming, adventure, a neat theme, and cool music.

  • Going through my second playthrough of this game... The controls and concepts still hold up.

  • This is a game I can come back to at any time and play and enjoy. Welcome to the list, NES Castlevania 1!

  • Wait, why the fuck wasn't this on my list before?

  • The unique storytelling, mystery theme, and nice presentation make this one of the few games I love not for the gameplay.