Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

I enjoyed the original game. It had a great story, nice designs and fun gameplay besides the bad voice acting, awkward controls and framerate issues. When I heard that the Killzone 2 demo was added in the Playstation Network, I downloaded it and played it straightaway it was actually pretty darn amazing. Here are my impressions:

The Good:

  • Graphics are beautiful 
  • Watching enemies fly from explosions and fall down from edges is satisfying.
  • Perfect replay value.
  • Smart and challenging AI
  • Feels so immersive

The Bad:

  • Bad voice acting (except for the ISA and Helgast soldiers)

So when it hits the shelves at February 25th, this is definitely worth your money.

Fun with PS3 games

After buying a PS3 this Christmas, I've been having fun with the games and online. Metal Gear Solid 4 was awesome I love the gameplay and Metal Gear Online. Resistance 2 was awesome as well, with such a thrilling multiplayer of up to 60 players online. I also liked co-operative mode. The Bourne Conspiracy was pretty cool and really felt like the movies. Uncharted was great with a good story and good characters with an Indiana Jones-feel. And finally Motor Storm was good. It was mostly fun to crash other drivers or yourself.

Oh and I removed all of my blog posts (except my first one) because I didn't feel like they were well-told.