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Tired Time Travel Loop 0

The Sexy Brutale. Is hard to review. On the one hand it's really unique and colorful and fantastic to listen to. It oozes style . But, on the other hand the game is somewhat of a one trick pony. You rewind time in order to stop murder. Each time you solve a murder the story progress, a new murder is introduced and you have to solve the situation while facing additional complexity while maintaining the core time travel loop. Sadly i was exhausted by that loop mid way thru the game. It wasn't eno...

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Beauty in the world that is. Hints of the world that was. 0

Hollow Knight has lots of steamtags relating to “Metorivania” but it is something quite unique. Hollow knight realizes the core concepts of Metorivania games powerups, secrets and gated progression all abound in this title. But what makes it special is the way that it deviates from these typical tropes. Hollow Knight is penetrated by an overwhelming sense of the unknown. Your titular character awakens in a crypt in a world that has seen many better days. To make even worse you don&r...

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Underwhelming Mining 0

I liked Steam World dig a lot, so I really wanted to like steam world dig 2. But, something about the sequel just doesn't sit right with me. Small problems like a constant need to return to town, and a lack of substantial changes in the initial core loop left me feeling a little disappointed at the end. That said it does a lot of thing really well, the art style is great and while the loop of getting minerals for upgrades is tired by the end it initially feels really satisfying. . I did find my...

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Total Warhammer II 1

In short If you loved the first one it is an overall improvement. If you hated the second one it's not for you. Pro+Giant Rats+ Diverse factions with radically different play styles.+ Quite impressive visuallyCons- Incredibly dense menus (even for someone who put 100+ hours into the first game I struggled to find all the new menus) - Lack of tutorial (there is an AI helper but its not great for the novice) - As the game progress the time the ai takes to cycle thru turns gets to be quite long.Ov...

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