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GOTY 2015

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  • Kudos to CD Projekt RED for putting together an immersive world rife with bandits to kill, ghouls and annoying water hags to slaughter, and wyverns to take down. All for money. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    200+ hours I've spent on The Witcher 3. So many contracts to do. Did them all. So much side quests to do. Did them all. All worth it. No regrets. Well, mostly. Happy with my decisions. Most. No, all. I felt like "#1 Dad" to Ciri. I got flipped off by a mute. I chose Yennefer. The three drunk Witchers scene was hilarious and most likely my favorite scene in the game, along with Priscilla singing. Bloody Baron is my favorite side quest. I probably lost 20 times in Gwent to this guy whose card I wanted. Felt good to finally win that damn Geralt card. I still haven't played more of Hearts of Stone. I probably should. I probably spoiled some things there. I'm sorry.

    Honestly, it's hard to sum up everything I loved while playing Witcher 3 in a short manner, and neither is what to focus on talking about the most. There's so much I explored and discovered; I was totally lost in everything it had to offer; the top-notch writing, compelling characters, decently solid gameplay, and the choices that I made along the way, all up to the end. Sure, it was long-winded, but I haven't been this satisfied with finishing a game in a very long time.

  • I never thought much about Rocket League when I first heard about it, but when my best friend couldn't stop nagging me, I felt compelled to try it. Who knew football meets monster trucks could be so fun? Especially when it's played with friends that accidentally shoot the ball towards your own goal, or the ones that steal it from you. Both are equally messed up in a really good way, and that's a big part of what Rocket League is all about.

  • Tales of the Borderlands not only single-handedly wins Best Intros of 2015, it also wins at exceeding expectations when I absolutely had none. It delivers in pretty much everything I thought it wouldn't, from its well-crafted narrative fitting of the Borderlands universe to its humor and interesting, fleshed out characters. Good job, Telltale. Didn't think you had it in you anymore. Happy to be proven wrong.

  • "Swingset, SWINGSET!! Oh, that was just a ledge. That would have been magical. I'm so happy, they're building a bridge."

    Those were basically my first impressions on Ori. Though as much as a damn beautiful looking game this is (perhaps one of the best this year, as well as in recent years), Ori and the Blind Forest is no walk in the park. Levels and enemies get tougher as you progress, and I find myself becoming frustrated at times. And no, it's not because of shitty level design (in fact, Ori is the opposite), but because I both lack the patience to slowly inch my way through every sequence, and because I'm so distracted at how pretty the backgrounds are that I miss a few ledges and hit thorns here and there; the latter can be both good and bad in that regard.

    Despite all that, Ori is a fantastic platformer at its core. And it looks gorgeous. I love looking at it so much that I could totally just leave it running for a while. I wish it was my screensaver. Man, it looks beautiful. I probably already said that.

  • [PS4/Vita version]

    Shovel Knight is more than just a nostalgia piece or an homage to the gaming years of old. What it offers are its excellent gameplay, outstanding level design, and an overall challenge that almost never gets frustrating. Almost. Honestly, the only reason why Shovel Knight isn't higher on this list is because I haven't finished it yet.

  • I always love me some Borderlands. In HD.

  • (This is specifically for the expansion, The Taken King)

    It's a shame that it took Destiny a full year to become the game that it should've have been when it first launched in 2014. And honestly, I'm kind of ashamed of myself that I,

    1) Played Destiny in the first place, and

    2) I actually had fun with this latest version of Destiny.


    Also, fuck microtransactions.

  • Racing your friends without any assists and playing your own version of 'Cops and Robbers' is one really fun way of how Forza should be played.

  • Mr Sark's quest to become the #1 German continues.

  • It's a Call of Duty-ass Call of Duty game.

  • Played it for 3 hours and decided that was all I needed to confirm that it's more Halo. And I moved on.

  • Discount Mark of the Ninja.

  • Bought it because my friend wouldn't leave me alone about it, so we can play together.

    ...we still haven't played it together.

  • Looks great, but everything about it is dull, dreadful, and lifeless.

  • Fuck this game.