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10 Must-Have iPhone Games

Honestly, since picking up my iPhone, the DS and PSP haven't had a look in. Not only is it bloody convenient being to carry a library of games around with you any time you grab your phone on the way outta the door...but believe it or not, the iPhone has slowly developed into a high quality and competant gaming platform in its own right too. You'll want these, for starters:

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  • Conclusive proof that the simple hand-held games are always the best. Tap the screen to shoot at bubbles. Burst as many as you can before the screen fills up. Repeat. Oh so simple. But my god. You have not experienced true video gaming addiction until you've sampled just five mere minutes of the iPhone's greatest game, Orbital. Of course, lovely physics and a gorgeous Geometry Wars style neon sheen don't hurt.

  • They've gone and done it, people. 20 years later, Tetris has finally been bettered. Portable block-falling games will never be the same again. Drop7 may not look like much - it's only real issue - but its exceptionally well put together mixture of puzzling and counting is the most un-put-downable game I think I've played in years. Hours, a day, are lost to this thing. Plus the bundled "Hardcore" mode? A godsend to those after a quick-fire bash with only 2 minutes to spare. I love you, Drop7.

  • More neon glowiness, with one of the premier tower defense games going on any system right now. Satisfying, fast-paced action, lovely presentation, and it even boasts an ace sequel you should also pick up, geoDefense is must-have stuff. Tough, mind you.

  • Ever wanted a portable Halo? Here you are then. The name may be different, but the guns, enemies and huge abundance of PURPLE sure isn't. Calling it a mere rip-off sells NOVA short, that said. It's a really fun and solid shooter, that not only looks splendid, but plays super smoothly and tight for a game on a system buttons or analogue sticks.

  • Portable Scrabble. That runs over 3G. With built-in matchmaking.

    Fucking GENIUS.

  • Tap the screen to make an auto-running 8-bit pixel character jump between crumbling buildings. As he picks up pace, shit gets faster and more frenetic, until you miss a jump and he goes splat. Not the most complex beast on the planet, but Canabalt is not only another exceptionally addictive high-score chasing time-waister, but developers Semi Secret Software have also (probably unintentionally) tapped into that same high-speed sense of 2D thrill-riding fun that made the original Sonic so awesome in its day.

  • Physics toys are all over the iPhone. Some good, some bad. Angry Birds is not only a great one, but a sodding good puzzle game too. Knocking blocks over with psychotic feathered kamikazes has never been so ace.

  • The Xbox Live classic gets a perfect port. The glorious fluourescant face-lift looks sparklingly vibrant on the iPhone's magnificent screen, and the abundance of new modes and challenges suit a handheld wonderfully. When I say "perfect port", that includes the 360's somewhat "interesting" controls, however; Pac-Man CE *will* take some getting used to.

  • Less game, more hippy-infused chill-out experiment, Zen Bound is simply marvelous stuff. Wrap objects in string using the system's motion sensing capabilities and expert physics, in one of the most soothing and downright prettiest portable games you'll ever see. Just wish I could get me mitts on that iPad version...

  • Point and clickers are ample on the iPhone, from Beneath a Steel Sky to Broken Sword, onto more original offerings like Nick Chase and 1112. While I have some issues with Monkey Island's control scheme here - using a bizarre "virtual mouse" system rather than merely tapping on items as you'd expect - there's something magical about seeing one of PC gaming's finest alive and kicking in the palm of your hand. Complete with its recent Special Edition graphical makeover, at that.