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GTA IV is a great game but it doesn't deserve a 5/5 0

So in GTA IV you take on the role of a Russian immigrant Niko Bellic. The game starts off with him getting off the boat to America. When he arrives he sees that his cousin Roman who said he was rich is in reality very poor and owes a lot of money. The whole game is just do jobs for people who will pay you money.Let's start with the good things with gta iv. It looks and sounds fantastic. The visuals are really great and every sound that you hear is just perfect. The visuals are great. The facial ...

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Combat Arms if a free fps that is really fun and will make you want to play more of it. If you want to download the game you can go to Let's start with the good things about the game. This game has a lot of simularities with counter strike which is a really good thing. For an online fps the graphics are pretty good. There is a large variety of weapons to choose from and the sound of the weapons when fired is just really nice. The weapons go from machine guns, snipers, shotg...

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A game that made me smile for a long time 0

In littlebigplanet people have imaginations and all those imaginations go to a planet and you go off and do all these crazy missions. Let's start with the good things of littlebigplanet.LBG looks great. All the levels in the game have it's unique look. Every level you play looks different than the level you played before. There are 8 chapters that have 3 level each but the last chapter has 4. Usually in each level you find keys that unlock challenges. We are talking about 25 levels and about 15-...

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Star Wars the Force Unleashed is a game which is just mindblowing 0

Star Wars the Force Unleashed is a game which is ........... AMAZING. This game is just the best Star Wars game on the planet. You take on the role of Starkiller who is Darth Vader's secret apprentice. In the beginning you are just hunting Jedi but throughout the game you do other things. Let's talk about the story. The story of this game is the best story on this planet. There are a lot of twists in the game which leave you blown away. Ok gameplay. The gameplay is really fun with all these forc...

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the best Marvel game out there. 3

Marvel has been coming out with good games in the past 20 years but Marvel Ultimate Alliance is by far the best one.The whole story of the game is that Dr. Doom has risen in power and is unstoppable. He has created a group of badguys. (I forgot what the groupĀ is called) It is your job to stop them. In the game you can choose over 20 characters. In each mission you can choose a team of four or you can go with three, two or even one character. You got your main characters in there, you have spidey...

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