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Game Where You Fill Up Jars

a work in progress. If you know any games where you fill up jars let me know.

In case you're an idiot a jar is a thing you fill up with stuff and its usually made of glass and has a lid. It can come in multiple shapes and sizes, the most iconic of which is called the wide-mouth jar. For the sake of this list we're including any coverable glass container that can be filled with something in order to progress through the story or can be used as part of a mechanic. In numerous games you see things like flasks and tanks but I'd say they're fair game to include in this list since in most games they're basically the same thing mechanically. Buckets and drinking glasses and stuff like that I'd say no, they don't count.

List items

  • This is just one of many zelda games to include a jar, you fill it up with water. You can fill it with health potion stuff and a bunch of fairies. I think you bring the fairies somewhere. Its been a while.

  • In this game you can pick up flasks and fill them up with oil or water to produce aught of use. Carrying around oil is useful to fill up your lantern and make oil arrows and bombs and other stuff. Spring water can give you health, and 'tis used for crafting.

  • You know what an estus flask is

  • Via TGJessie: "The game Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos has you fill up vials with honey and swamp water, for plot reasons."

  • Yeah in this game you do the same stuff you do in Wind Waker. Put fairies in jars and stuff for puzzles.

  • You can make a glass bottle to put water in. Glass bottles are basically jars. Like what do you want from me.

  • Unfortunately I've never played animal crossing, but I think you put bugs in jars?

  • Via FrutopiaFred: "In the Dishonored series you can fill up those big tanks with whale oil."

  • Via MartijnVdS: "in 'The Curse of Monkey Island' you have to fill a (tip) jar with sugar water (and in turn, fireflies)."

  • Via Wibblewozzer: "And you get a jar you can fill with multiple things in Maniac Mansion -"

  • Via TheFlamingo352: "Dota 2 has the bottle item for scooping up runes and junk."

  • Via Wibblewozzer: "You fill jars with the mice in the later levels of Krusty's Super Funhouse -"

  • In Binding of Isaac there is simply "The Jar" where you can fill it up with four extra hearts.

  • Via TGJessie: "Enter The Gungeon has a jar item you can use to store hearts or ammo for later, as a direct homage to Zelda."

  • Via TGJessie: "Monster Bash has, in one of its levels, an empty bottle you need to fill with water."

  • Via TGJessie: "Flame in the Flood, filled with water for drinking or crafting"

  • Via MankMachinery

  • Via MattCCollins: "In Stardew Valley you put crops in preserve jars to turn them into pickles and jams and then put those in smaller jars."

  • Via fnarf: "Not referred to as "jars", but alchemist crafting in Ragnarok Online uses bottles:

    See "empty potion bottle" and "empty bottle" in the materials."

  • Via apathesia

  • Via TGJessie: "Terraria, filled with water/honey for different crafting"