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It is my favourite movie series. I have DVDs and all of them on blu ray. Digital copies for all of them. Two posters awaiting frames. The soundtracks on iTunes with a few songs in my active playlist. Send help.

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Katamari Damacy.

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Maybe check out some Unbox Therapy videos. Sometimes it's just fun to watch that kind of stuff. Products you may not even have known existed getting opened up and played with for a minute or two. You get immediate first impressions. And who doesn't appreciate some clever packaging.

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I am absolutely on board with getting a Switch. It won't be around launch because frankly I don't feel like putting effort into getting a likely short of stock item but I will get one and I'm excited for it.

Zelda, Splatoon, Xenoblade and Mario in the first year is great. And Puyo Puyo Tetris (No more carrying the heavy PS4 around and fumbling through Japanese menus!). Then I look to the likely franchises to see on the Switch such as Monster Hunter and Pokemon. I am really excited for those franchises on this thing.

Sometimes on weekends my group of friends will get together to play tabletop or video games. The Switch is shaping up to be the perfect system for us to easily bring to whoevers house, slap it in a dock, sync up controllers and go. I was the only one who bought a Wii U in my circle and carrying that thing around while they just needed to have their DS to play Smash was a chore.

The bad parts for me are the cost of accessories and the poor online system. How they thought smart phones was the right way to handle it is beyond me. The paid online is looking like a fucking joke. On the other hand I am really glad they didn't give me a reason to pay more subscriptions. I will pay for it when I want to use online which will probably just be two or three months for splatoon 2 and Monster Hunter.

I don't think the price for the actual system is all that crazy and I'm Canadian. It seems right in line for what it is. The accessories no but the system sure. A huge bummer it doesn't come with some kind of software to play with (that we know of?) preloaded into it.

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The first two Katamari games.

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50. A few hours of podcast listening and AP grinding to get most unlocks.

After about ten more natural levels of post game getting the platinum trophy I just did a quick expericast abuse to 99.

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Ontario, Canada? Which road test G2 or G? Failing three times here is unusual. It's unusual for an instructor to speak to you at all aside from directions until you're done your test. If you can let me know more specifics of what city you're around I could maybe recommend a centre that's easier.

Now I'm going to be a little harsh and ignore the reasons given for failing your tests and remind you. Winter is here. The roads are going to get worse. Understand the responsibility you take getting behind the wheel. If you failed three times to me that speaks to a lack of confidence or anxiety while being tested. Both are bad things to take onto the road at any time.

Please look into private driving instructors that also teach defensive driving in their courses. You'll get used to having someone judge you all the time and completing a course like this helps your insurance rates which are brutal here.

More practice. Be extra careful as the weather is getting bad. More confidence.

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Desktop version loads up fine on my iPhone. It's looks identical to the mobile site except it has the coming up, latest premium content, top releases and staff tweets which are absent on the mobile version. I'd like to see the mobile site get some work as well.

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Got the silent assassin. Hardest part was figuring out how to get the disguise needed so nobody but one guy knows who you are in the church.

Missed the first two elusives before I bought the game but I like the concept. Hope the next one is harder.