My All TIme Game Heroes

A Nice List of My Fave Game Heroes of All Time. (No Particular Order)

List items

  • The Savior of Hyrule. Shield and sword in hand, Link made it cool to have pointy ears and wear a goofy looking green hat :)

  • He is a Ninja...Nuff said

  • Mr Solid Snake...Can't get any cooler than this guy

  • What can be said about Cloud. With his large sword in hand which he swings with ease...the man is a force to be reckon with.

  • Good ol Ken...Rival of Ryu...Master of the uppercut. How many of you guys would have a match with Ken against Ryu and in your mind think...."classic match"

  • The Devil Hunter himself ..Dante. With his dual pistols and sword ...he stunned the world with being the epitome of cool.

  • Sonic..The blue speed demon...If you owned a Genesis most likely you know who this guy is. When the famous argument came up...who was better Mario or Sonic? One can always when the argument when it came to speed..

  • The Man of Steel ...Nuff Said :)

  • The man with the iron fist...One three hit combo from this guy and half your health would be gone. You master this character and you gain the respect of the world :)

  • Ryu ...The legend of street fighter ..."look out Ken!"