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GOTY 2019

2019 was an odd year. We moved from Oregon to Pennsylvania for fun, and then to NH so I could finish my PhD. Now, I've gotten a job in Minnesota so I'm leaving with my Master's degree and we're moving to Minneapolis. At least life isn't boring?

There are a TON of games this year I wanted to play but unfortunately didn't have the time: Slay the Spire, Baba is You, Void Bastards, Outer Wilds, Rad, Control, The Surge 2, Neo Cab, Disco Elysium, Return of the Obra Dinn, The Outer Worlds, Afterparty, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Here are my personal top games I played in 2019. Enjoy!

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  • At this point I feel like Klei is incapable of making a game I won't enjoy. I also played Griftlands this year but I don't want to burn out on it before it leaves early access. I don't think you can feel casually about this game. You're either REALLY into this genre or you REALLY don't like it. If you do enjoy colony management then this is one of the finest examples out there.

  • Another Klei joint. I know Austin was hyping this game HARD in the year it was released but I wasn't in the mood for this style of game at the time. This year I was into it and I am so glad I decided to drink at this well. It scratches a very particular itch and does it with aplomb.

  • Another "scratches that itch" game. Itch, scratched. I still think DS1 and Bloodborne are better From Software games but Sekiro was super fun. There was a great tension and release to all of the encounters that was thrilling. It really changed up their combat formula and I liked it. I'd love to see another game in this universe.

  • The art is really great, the family members all play different enough to keep the game fresh, and the story is meted out at a good pace. It is a very satisfying game. Pretty too!

  • This game isn't going to blow your socks off but I also had a hard time thinking of anything it does wrong. The story is interesting, the shooting feels great, it is replayable, the worlds are pretty. I found myself coming back over and over throughout the year and it kept creeping up my GOTY list. This game is a sleeper but don't sleep on it!

  • Their games are really fun and the mechanical universe is a fun consistent thread to all these games. Last year, SteamWorld Dig 2 was high on my list. I'm excited to see what they put out next year!

  • Maybe the best crossover of all time?

  • I mean, really. Who knew Tetris' entry into the battle royale genre would smoke most of the competition? Apex Legends? As if. Watching my wife body a bunch of fools is really satisfying. I'm crap at the game but I really like watching my wife play.

  • Not the type of game I would normally play but my wife and I had a really nice time playing through together. Silly, cute, fun, and once you get used to the controls they're tolerable.

  • Titanfall 2. Damn. This game still has the best traversal of any FPS I've ever played. My buddy and I have gotten back on the Titanfall 2 train and I'm happy to report there is still a community of folks playing. They're all savage at this point and there are still some assholes in chat, but overall we've been having a great time! If you've been nostalgic for some Titanfall action, jump back in! The water is full of sharks but the the temperature is just fine.

  • Always. KSP Will always make an entry on my GOTY list because any year I play even a moment of this game it automatically deserves a spot. Entertaining, challenging, cute, fun, and very satisfying. I love this game.

  • I only logged into Eve to chat with friends, I didn't even undock this year. I'm happy to know this Juggernaut is still out there destroying everyone's free time.