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My 10 Most Anticipated Games & Thing of 2015

Composing this list I noticed the bottom-half are things I'm tentatively excited about, while the top five are games I feel certain will hit home-runs. As is always the case, I'm sure my "Game of 2015" isn't on this list. It'll probably be some small relaxing game about trucking or something.

List items

  • I've not been this excited for a Metal Gear game since Metal Gear Solid 2. Which has me worried, because at the time, I felt bamboozled by MGS2. I can appreciate the meta-commentary now, but I still feel as a game it didn't live up to first title. And maybe I'm coming off the buzz of just having played Ground Zeroes on Steam for the first time, but holy hell am I excited for this one. Ground Zeroes plays how my rose-tinted-mind remembers the Solid games playing (though I'm well aware the mechanics have evolved throughout the series). Between Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Scanlon, my hype meter is off the charts. Hell, the chart got nuked from orbit by the La Li Lu Le Lo.

  • I'm very firm in the belief that this game will be great. But eh, even if it's not, I know I'll enjoy the 3D modeling of the trees, grass and foliage (I've been following their technical blog posts on their rendering techniques).

  • I can be excited about things I know very little about, and I feel I know a lot about No Man's Sky. Even if I didn't, when I didn't, I was excited for this one. I'm the type of game-player who soaks up games with no objective. Add the astrophysics and sci-fi-novel-art-style and it's pretty much tailor-made for my interests.

  • I'm excited for Bloodborne for altruistic reasons: because it will introduce some of my Destiny clan to the "Souls" style of game. So let's hope this one lives up to Dark Souls' pedigree, because I've praised that games' greatness ad-nausea to said friends.

  • Is this coming out this year? Oculus people have been tweeting cryptic stuff already, so we can dream, right? I imagine I'll love it, but I can't say the same for the general public. Worst-case-scenario, VR turns out to be just a fun sub-genre of gaming. That's a win-win to me.

  • I've had a ton of fun with the early access version of this title, and even if the final version is just more of what's in early access, I'm still excited.

  • I don't own an Xbox One, but I'm hedging my bets on this one coming to Steam before the end of the year.

  • I'm worried CD Red is going to take a few steps forward and a few steps back here. I don't know what it would be, but I just feel we're going to be a tad disappointed in this one.

  • These last two are sort of in the "naughty corner," but could be allowed back to class for good behavior. I loved most of the Battlefield games on the last generation of consoles, but toward the end of the cycle the series seemed lost. I'm hopeful that both the new Star Wars film and this title will turn the ship around. (I'm evaluating this as a Battlefield game, because let's be honest, SWB will be Battlefield with a Lucas coat of paint.)

  • I really hope Ubisoft can pull this one off with no major issue. The destructible environments, and tight team-based play look like the best online-shooting I've seen this generation.