Bomb Should Have a Face Episode 2: You're So Twelve!

If last week was the Firstcast, this week is the Scotcast! This week, me, MattBodega, TokyoChicken and JensonB are joined by community moderator and all around strong man Hamz, giving the Scottish complete control of the podcast!  GB user Sweep gets the group talking about Moral Decisions in games while GB Otacon blog encouraged game players to respect our gaming identities! Also, JensonB hates the forums, Jayge has an awesome page about Dead Head Fred, and everyone make inside jokes! References and more on the podcast about the community matters that matter most!

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This Week's Explosive Revelations!

  • Friend of the Show Sweep blogs about the increasing prevalence of moral decisions in games...and talks about why so many games do it wrong.
  • Otacon reminds us about the importance of our gaming identity in a fractured world!
  • BSHAF co-host JensonB is taking down the forum establishment, one mod at a time...
  • ...or, he would have, if moderator Hamz hadn't been so cool, collected, and reasonable in discussing the state of the forums in a live fire podcast. The ensuing discussion: mostly professional!
  • Jayge wrote a ridiculous page for PSP platformer Dead Head Fred, proving that our best pages are the ridiculous games no one else in the world cares about.
  • SuperMooseman made Giant Bomb's definitve Spore Content Sharing Thread! Jump in and download the weirdest Spore stuff from the most Bombtastic community on the nets!
  • Hamz thinks people should look at the score of a game AND read the review, and THEN form a purchasing decison. Meanwhile, I learn to speak unicorn.
  • ...Actually, I already speak unicorn. It's the only explanation for my sexy brouge. It's like a dream of lollipops dancing on the tip of your ear!
  • TokyoChicken has a girly laugh.
  • I give Jensonb a taste of his own medicine through using his own insult against him.
  • MattBodega's the only person on the planet who thought Assassin's Creed was amazing.
  • Mercs 2 :It's greatest strength(explosions) is also its biggest weakness(using explosions halts the pace of the gameplay!)
  • If you're gonna make a bad game, go all the way bad. Don't strive for mediocrity. Go for Crime Life: Gang Wars
  • MattBodega reveals a personal story of jackassery and emulated screenshot uploads, the secret shame of Giant Bomb!
  • And he gets no sympathy from us.
  • If you thought we sounded like the Bombcast before, try listening to MattBodega speak! It's a treasure trove of obscure references!

Music Credits: (like they're gonna write a song about it) by Midnight Brown

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I totally didn't copy this from Matt's blog.