The VGM Spotlight - Volume #4

Is Disgaeamad Gonna Have to Make You Listen to Some Music?

So I was planning on putting this up last night, but I got lazy and couldn't really be bothered. Moving on, here's some more music that no one cares about!

Track #4 - One With the Stars

Game: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Composer: Some Randomer From Atlus
Surprise surprise, a Disgaea track made it into the list! I couldn't help myself, really, as despite the fact that Disgaea's popularity has grown quite large over the years, I rarely see anyone give Tenpei Sato the praise he deserves for the baller soundtracks he creates. Funnily enough, this is a track that isn't composed by him, though, and instead it was added into the game by Atlus for the NA release (and managed to make its way into the EU release as well). Thanks to this, it wasn't present in the PSP and DS ports, which is a shame, because those jazz beats are pretty damn hot. 
And here we have a hot video showing this tune in action: