Sony pushing NGP developers to go cross-platform

 Some new developments:

I'm excited Sony is already talking to developers about this.
But I'm not sure about the:

Sony is also insisting that it 'does not want exactly the same game' on NGP and PS3 -- there 'has to be a reason for the NGP title.' 'They want at least some kind of interactivity between the two versions with NGP-only extras.'"

Like I figured they wouldn't be the same because the NGP's hardware would not support the same level of detail and complexity as the PS3 version. But removing things from the PS3 version and having them only exist on the NGP version of the game is not somewhere I want to see them go with it. Feels like a cheap way to promote the NGP. What would make more sense to me, is having the NGP version allow you to make progress in your game when you're away from the PS3. Or also allow you to access game features and controls on the NGP WHILE playing the game. Like imagine using the NGP like a pip-boy while playing Fallout? They could even sell an option wrist holder and everything. That would be all kinds of crazy awesome.

You know would would be tits though? If NGP gamers could play multiplayer with PS3 gamers in the same game.