In the end we all bleed the same

It shames me to say that I never played Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. But at the time of its release I didn't hear anything about it. Which would explain why it seems that no one else has played it. But after watching the trailer for the next Riddick game, Assault on Dark Athena, I am way stoked. Apparently it takes Escape from Butcher Bay and adds a whole new campaign. The game play displayed in the trailer hints at a really visceral hand to hand combat style. I'm kind of worried that it might not work out or get the feel right but I will remain hopeful that it will end up all right. The craziest thing about this whole thing is that its coming out of Atari. They have been slowly going down the drain for several years now. I hope that this is a sign of a bright future at Atari. Perhaps the whole Phil Harrison thing effected this somehow?