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Turn the angst to eleven 0

  Let me get this out of the way, God of War III is one of the most technically detailed game to ever come out. Kratos’s model is rendered with so much detail that I was a little scared to look at him the wrong way. The high visual fidelity is also paired with an epic sense of scale. The battles with towering titans are something that has never been pulled off with so much style.  Now that I’ve gotten the obligatory praise out of the way I can delve into why I didn’t like playing the game....

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The soul still burns 0

Soulcalibur IV is the newest game of the perpetually misspelled, weapon based fighting series. The fighting is exactly what you would expect if you have played any other game in the series. It mainly focuses around blocking and parrying different weapons then exploiting your foe in their time of weakness. The wide variety of weapons covers anything from razor sharp katana to obnoxiously large diamond swords. With so many different types of weapons and fighting styles it remains unique from other...

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Time to answer the call 0

Call of Duty 4 is breaking new ground for the long running Infinity Ward series. This is the first time Call of Duty 4 has been brought into the modern realm. Infinity Ward’s portrayal on the modern world is refreshing; Even though many games take place in this setting, Call of Duty 4 still remains unique. The single player portion of the Call of Duty games has always been very directed and cinematic and this game stays true to that tradition. The campaign tracks two separate soldiers as they w...

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Bejeweled+Mana 0

Puzzle Quest is a game that takes the basic mechanics of Bejeweled with elements of an RPG. For example, if you were to match three red gems you get three "Fire" into your mana pool where you cast spells. Aside from the "mana" gems there are skulls. If you match three of these you do damage to your mythical foe.While the game play is relatively simple you can add alot of depth by using certain spells and power ups in order to make battles exciting. Aside from battling mythical creatures you can ...

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Sadly, I cant assassinate the disappointment 0

In Assassins Creed you play as Altair. You are part of a brotherhood of Assassins that are on a quest to protect the holy land from the invading crusaders. Assassins Creed is a game that will bring you along on a unique adventure unlike any other. At this point if you have heard of Assassins Creed you know about the "twist". In reality you play Desmond who is a test monkey for some kind of evil cooperation. Extremely early in the game you find out that these mysterious scientists are holding yo...

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