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  • I bought this back in 1992. I used to have an Amiga 500 and this seemed a natural progression for me. The CD32 is basically the guts of an Amiga 1200 with a built in CD-ROM drive. The TV advertising at the time in the UK touted it as the world's first CD Game Console.

  • I bought a 3DO after seeing the game releases for the CD32 dry up. This console went the same way but it was some dumb fun for a while.

  • Finally, I manage to buy a console with a decent lifespan to it and it had an extensive library of games to choose from.

  • Backwards compatibility and DVD playback made this an easy choice for me. To say nothing of the multitude of games available. Mine came packed with Final Fantasy X.

  • I love playing DS games when I'm feeling lazy and want to lounge around all over the place.

  • I have owned a PC of one sort or another since 1997. I play a wide range of games with and without controller support. The PC is my favourite platform. I have more PC games than all my other-platform games combined.