Enter conquest mode

So conquest mode for Battlefield Bad Company is up and running. Having played all the previous battlefield games (with the exception of 2142) on my pc, I was looking forward to this update. There's a amount of nostalgia for the conquest mode since it played a large part of what made the battlefield franchise so special, along with the open maps/classes/vehicle warfare of course.

After playing a bunch of games of conquest mode in Bad Company I have to say I feel the standard gold rush mode is actually better suited for the console experience. While conquest is very well implemented into the game, complete with new lightning and reworked map layout, for some reason the more funneled experience of the standard gold rush mode seems better tailored for the game. I'm certainly not dissapointed with the new addition, it's actually very well done, especially considering it's a free download.

Conquest is fine, but I'll stick with gold rush in the long run
Conquest is fine, but I'll stick with gold rush in the long run

Personally I'll stick to gold rush, with the occational visit in conquest just to mix things up. What this game needs now is more maps and an ability to mute annoying people online, Call of Duty 4 style. Having maps made specifically made for the new game mode could also probably make it more viable. To reiterate, there's nothing wrong with conquest mode, it's just obvious that Bad Company was made with the online mode that it was orginally shipped with in mind.