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How many save slots are you going to give me?

Ever since two specific RPG scenarios where I lost dozens of hours due to single save slot usage, I am a use them all kind of person.

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Giant Bomb Loot Boxes FTW!

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Dan was on Talking Simpsons - King Size Homer

Alex was on Talking Simpsons - Team Homer

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I’ve tried adding the premium GiantBombcast feed but the latest episode is from 2017. My Beastcast and video feeds have no issue. I see I am not the only person who has faced this, but it is unclear to me if anyone has found a solution.

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I really enjoyed Final Fantasy XV. I gave it 100 hours and the Assassin’s Creed event got me to put the disc back in. Hell, in Origins, the sword from FFXV is my main weapon now at the endgame.

These little crossover things are dumb fun and should not be taken too seriously. I look back at the interviews about how the Creed event came together and it started off as admiration for each other’s development teams. That is cool. Marketing or not, this free stuff impacts no one negatively. And it’s not like buying the EA Origin Edition of this game gives you a different character, wherein competition has bread a case of customers not getting the “true” version of the game.

Also, the cup noodle stuff was funny even though it was delivered with a straight face.

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@nihilisticmonkey: This is a cool workaround. Thanks for sharing. Do note, you will have to activate the Allow JavaScript from Smart Search Field option in the Develop menu. I don't recommend this for anyone who is not incredibly conscious of what and where they visit on the web.

I still hope for native support to return one day...

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After following the thread, @frenden hit the nail on the head for iTunes I think, https.

This worked for me: Then, iTunes asks me to input my username and password, and voilà!

This solution does not work for on iOS, and neither does, so I am still at a loss.

Am I just missing something here, or has anyone else had it work.

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I have been lurking on this page trying to resolve my own issues and thought it was time to add my own testing experience.

Giant Bomb Video App – Seems to work now for me at least. It used to show a red text. That was resolved and then it gave 404 errors when attempting to download. Now all is well.

PocketCasts@edgework answered this prior. You need to use the url that has both the authentication ( and the API appended. Works fine. on iOS – This is my preferred method and I just can't get it to work anymore. In olden days, you just added the feed and you would be asked for username and password. Now, doing that goes straight to jeff.error messages. Using the API key instead:

  • – I can stream fine, but whenever I download a file it gets to the very end and errors out with the message: "Unable to Download Podcast – "Video Name" could not be downloaded at this time.
  • – I get the exact same situation

It is definitely frustrating not getting this to work. has features the others don't that make it the ideal experience for me. Maybe I am missing something.

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@alex: "will be disappeared" ?

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You didn't have to, but you did. I don't think anyone who follows the site had any doubt as to what they'd expect a response from the Giant Bomb staff as a whole may be, inherently a complex one that may fall on the side of one camp but with the ability to identify the situation from multiple angles.

It's still nice to hear though. A community has its leaders, and here it would innately be Jeff and the Giant Bomb crew. Having that "leader" speak out, and intelligently, gives us a little hope as we deal with the complex emotions that a situation like this expels. It's easy for any of us to just go, "rah, rah, fuck them!" but it isn't so simple. And if we find that the other side of the debate is doing exactly that, how are we to claim some superiority were we to denigrate our own thoughts and actions with those same methods.

"Us vs. us" is right. I couldn't begin to fathom how those with whom I was supposed to share this common passion could feel and act, not just differently, but outrageously. I spend a lot of time on twitter, but I don't peruse reddit or forum boards. The last time I even visited neoGAF was before the turn of the decade, and 4chan freaks me the fuck out. I've followed this site since Arrow Pointing Down and subscribed the first day, but have only 5 forum posts and wiki points exclusively from the first year. Yet, I still felt it, this gnawing feeling. If it turned out that the "gaming community," something I felt a part of, was a beast whose face I could not recognize, what would that say about the people here on GB. Again, I guess I never doubted the staff's feelings on the matter whether or not they were as vocal as Patrick and Alex or not, but what about the audience.

But I feel Jeff's feelings are probably the one that applies to most of our community, and if it doesn't, then I hope it allows those on any side of the debate to self-reflect, even for a moment.

Well, that's my incomprehensible rant. I love Giant Bomb. I love the people here. I feel "safer" here, for lack of a better term, and I hope that continues. And I thank everyone that made that possible.

Great post, Jeff. A+++ Would buy again.