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I had that happen for a bit, try fully restarting the system it might have been a bug which was fixed recently or could be some other thing. I notice sometimes the apps are faulty and need a shutdown to work again. For instance sometimes the DVR doesn't record and times out, and during that time Twitch also won't load into broadcast mode... but a restart seems to always solve it (not even a full shutdown, just a quick restart seems to help). Prolly just a weird bug with how the system suspends itself or... iunno some other reason that's impossible to figure out :) technology.

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I think I saw a few games already get discounts, Ryse for example I think dropped down by $10... I'ma go check. I know there was a great deal on Tomb Raider (it was like 50% off or something decent like that) but I'd already played it a few times through on the PC so it was one of those greedy purchases that basically had me staring at the xbox store page for it multiple times and the later it was in the night the more closely I was to jumped at buying it again... thankfully I didn't, I prolly can't afford to buy games over and over again just cause I want something to play on my new shiny thing.

Ryse is in fact $10 cheaper right now, seems to be a weird discount (original price is strikethrough but there isn't any indication it will go up again). Most other games are still full price though sadly... even my beloved and once cheap tomb raider is back up to the insane full price it shouldn't be at right now :(

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The numbers and power seem to be behind the PS4, though I just straight up prefer how Microsoft does things on it's console (literally everything from the design, features and how they handle... everything) so the choice was never really a choice for me. That and before release (and now even) the list of future games for each console that are exclusives are hitting me more directly on the Xbox One than anywhere else, I'm a sucker for Below and the Quantum Break game and a few others. The only thing I desire from Sony is the remastered Last of Us... kinda impossible for me to afford the system right now JUST for a slightly better looking version of a game that while masterful, isn't really a game I would play fully again in the near future. Lovely that by the time I do get a PS4 (maybe years from now) I can re-play last of us and know it looks/runs a bit better than it did at release. I bet by then though I will be wishing they re-mastered it then and not so soon hah, cause by then I bit the new version will look closer to the old than what games in the future will be like etc. Oh well :)

It does hurt my soul right now that it seems the vast majority of announced games seem to have the PS4 tag on them, even when the game itself doesn't really look that interesting to me it definitely is the running thing right now that it has that spark, people are releasing on the PS4 first and aiming their shots for that one first or sometimes exclusively. I do hope Microsoft gets more public with it's efforts to rangle games the way Sony is doing... there's some momentum in the PS4 right now and it would be lovely to see that include the Xbox One within the year.

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Definitely one of those situations where if you have the money and desire then it's a Yes, otherwise it's a No.

How has your experience with the console been so far since you're purchase? There isn't a huge amount of games for either console just yet, do you play them both often? Do you have a large group of friends on one or the other? And do you play game on your PC as well and has thatn changed since the consoles released.

For me I'm trying to buy games on the Xbox One so far, and honestly I play them a bit on PC to make sure I enjoy them enough to go ahead and buy them on the console, kinda weird maybe. My PC is old though and games are on the razor's edge of playable for me, so it's almost like playing them on my PC is like a trial version for the potential console purchase.

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In the future you should subscribe to following MajorNelson for finding out all this sort of stuff, generally he will be in a video describing in detail each new/changed feature along with a written article. He's on the youtube and twitter and all that stuff.

They do have a specific 'app' thingy on the store that shows the latest changes cause there was some larger ones lately, so that's prolly a good idea on their part also to keep people in the loop for things that have changed on what is already a new system (not fully used to how things work etc). Would be nifty if you could just tell your xbox to show you the new stuff directly though... maybe a bit frivolous though :)

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I think the folks at did some pretty quick stuff with both the ps4 and xbox one as far as replacing the drives with SSDs, doing what they did but using a different drive would prolly be fine. Though now you can just grab an external drive and do things that way which seems way easier than cracking things open and slotting the drive in manually. Grab a proper external drive or a usb mount things that you slot an internal drive into and plug that sucker in and boom... terabytes of storage ready to sit there and wait for games to be on them.

At the rate that games are releasing so far though I don't think my Xbox One will actually be full till the end of the year, and I've bought pretty much all the games (definitely all the larger filesize games... unless that Strider game is secretly huge hah).

You'll have to cull your games eventually though, well maybe... I mean I have like 400 steam games and of course I can't have them all sitting on a drive at the same time... seems wasteful if you have even the most basic of internet connection. It's hard to say how many games I'll have on my Xbox One's drive(s) once 2-4 years pass... there may be close to 70 or so by then but also by then I bet 4TB drives will be cheap enough that I can hold all of them... who knows. All I know is I don't feel the pressure yet to expand the storage of the thing just yet, by the time I do I bet those first games I have are ones I'll be totally fine just deleting anyways (like I really am gunna want Dead Rising 3 at my fingertips a year from now etc). Some games add up though of course, I bet I'll have Forza on there for a bit longer, it's always good for a quick race and such.

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@lnin0: Yea man... I miss the ability to have bought a retail disc and then tie it to my account and then SHIT ON THAT FUCKING GROSS DISC AND THROW IT AWAY...

Discs were always still going to be around but with that first set of plans for the system there would have been the slightest of hurdles for discs so that the digital could have been so much more advanced, instead people flipped out and now we barely have digital games.. they are available day one and that's pretty much the end of the digital features for games right now.

I'm so used to pre-ordering things on steam and pre-loading the download that I'd appreciate this for the Xbox One, it's kinda weird right now when games like Sniper Elite 3 still don't even have a store page on the website or the console store app yet that game releases on the system in like a day... seems weird but also seems that way because of a million reasons (revamping their site, constantly adding these sorts of features.. overall shit ain't done just yet kinda vibe). Also for the first few months there would always be links to pre-order games on the store but it was hard to tell if it was for discs or digital, no word on which is was etc... of course it was only for discs but now thankfully it does say pre-order disc on a lot of those buttons, hopefully digital pre-loading will become a thing in the near future though it does seem like something they'll have in a larger update later on after they kinda ram through some more important things in the meantime.

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I still find it slightly awkward to hit the shoulder buttons because of the way they don't work if you hit them further up, so I still am sometimes letting off of them when I don't mean to and stuff like that. The analog sticks feel better especially when I was using a Xbox 360 pad on my PC which felt instantly decades older... such a weird thing cause it seemed perfectly fine the week before but as soon as I was using that new hotness all of a sudden the old and busted surely felt busted.

The d-pad is usable, which is great considering how junk the past one was. Not a lot of PC games use it because the last one was junk though so I haven't really been using the new one either :S In time it will get used more I'm sure, ,maybe for better things than radial menu hotkeys like the d-pad is used for now.

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The wording kinda camouflages what exactly it's doing but it's obvious that it covers everything from downloading to whatever else it does. Steam doesn't need to install games, besides some mandatory checks for dependencies like DirectX and what not, as soon as the game is downloaded it's pretty much ready to go. The way things look for the Xbox One I'd assume this is the case as well, it's not downloading an installer then unpacking anything (like what was the case for PS3 games) I think instead it's just grabbing the files themselves. It shouldn't be called 'Installing' but that could just be because they didn't want to complicate the code for now, since it would need to say so many different things based on if you're downloading the whole game digitally or installing from a disc. Downloading would be a better fit of course, and a dynamic bar showing which percentages until you can play first would be rad. Blizzard has been doing the 'play before it's finished' stuff for a long time now and they provide a colored bar that shows you when you can first play, and then when it's got enough files to be 'optimal', then of course then rest after that for 100%. That is all a per game kinda thing though and the devs would have to set that up to show, and be responsible about being accurate along with microsoft having to set up those hooks AND reworking the UI a bit to show however they'd decide to show that... either color bars like blizz or notches on the download bar or whatever.

In either case you can generally begin playing way before it's finished, usually starting from 13% (my experience starting with dead rising 3) you can expect to see it change to 'ready to start' and depending on the game that will give you a chunk of it to play while the rest continues to fill in. Every single game I've played so far seems to support this and it makes me assume it's either mandated by Microsoft on a system level or it's just a good idea that everyone is doing anyways, prolly both. The PS4 seems to do the same thing from what I saw of the giantbomb streams when the system released, allowing players to jump in ahead of the full completed download from disc or net.

I tend to just play some other game while the latest one gets on with it's download, definitely something I appreciate when compared to the Xbox 360 where the system would stop any downloads if you played anything with online in it, even Uno if I remember correctly. Installing a game would lock you into that progress screen as well, so being able to pause a game, go to the store and buy another game and have it download and ready itself up all while I play that first game? Kinda rad.

I tend to view the chunk of the game it lets you play before it is finished as a demo for my impatience, I think in every instance where I did jump in and play before it finished I hit the wall where it needed to stop me and finish the download, that's probably more a reflection on game sizes and my internet download speeds than anything else though. I wonder if this will overtime make games a bit slower to get going at the start so if you wanna jump in early it is easy for the game to provide you with enough content and reason to stay in that content so you don't hit the wall before it's finished download as often.

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Never had a credit card before, thanks to student loans fucking my credit score before I was even 18. Now that I'm over those things and my chances of getting a card are slightly higher than 0% I'm wondering what cards would best suite me and my situation. I know there are various cards that offer cash back and higher values based on categories of purchases such as groceries or what have you, are there cards out there that you guys prefer for redeeming video game stuffs.

I was looking at the CC thinking this might be a good start since at worst it gives credit for the site which can translate to credit for games purchases (either physical... yuk... or digital through buying those xbox/ps store gift cards). Are there any cards better suited to a games purchasing lifestyle, or should I just focus on the ones that would best build credit, frankly though it seems there is little difference in any of the cards I've seen. Sometimes they charge an annual fee and reduce the interest, or the reverse is true... neither seem like they are better than the other really (since in an ideal world the interest rate shouldn't be hit if you are using the card properly, and the $20 annual fee is so small that who gives a fuck right?). Is it just down to the rewards then?

Brad had mentioned many times in the past that he had accrued many Sony store points, I think it was through a CC, are there none amazon cards out there that can translate to great video game based rewards?