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Turn for the worse

What once was a glorious series with amazing entries... Well, it turned into this:

Kicking a dice is the new black.
Kicking a dice is the new black.

Why did it have to go so wrong?!


Personal stats

Using the info in the collection list the profile tells you things like favorite franchise, character, console, genre and so on. Would be kinda neat trivia-wise.

Another thing like is an option to make the site me the earliest release date of each game on each game entry instead of the US one. Being European, the US release date isn't so interesting to me, but neither is the EU release date either, I just wanna know when it was released initially... Sure this is not directly connected to your own profile but still has something to do with your personal site experience sort of speak.

Also, I'd like to veto against heavy profile configuration... I mean, just look at what has happened to MySpace...