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Top 100 Favorite Video Game Characters

Compared to horrible characters, characters I consider good are subjective and that goes for everyone. It is easy to see which characters are bad, but liking a character is more complex. This list contains 100 of my favorite video game characters of all-time.

This List will only include characters who originate, or mostly appear in video games. Characters who originate from movies or big television shows will be excluded.

Characters are currently not in order.

List items

  • “Good evening, everyone. I am Pudding. Watch my report on Channel 42!” - Pudding

  • “Typical. The creator blames his creations.” - Orbot

  • “Wanna hear a bit of Nord wisdom? You don't really know a woman until you've had a strong drink and a fistfight with her.” - Uthgerd

  • “A real cool lady who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes.” - DJ Professor K

  • “I remember you, monster. You stole Eleanor from me...twisted that baby girl into a thing so sick it can’t even die...and now you come swanning into my neighborhood looking for me? Wrong turn, Tin Daddy. When we hang you from a streetlight, and you’re choking out on your last...I want you to remember my face...” - Grace Holloway

  • “M'aiq knows much, and tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not.“ - M'aiq

  • “Eiek Eiek!” - AiAi

  • “Find the computer room.” - Vector

  • “Here’s the Angel!” - Little Sister

  • “If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!” - Amy Rose

  • “I was scared because somebody took me! But now I’m free! I’m a free bee, free bee, free bee...wheee!” - Charmy

  • “I can’t believe this! I was supposed to beat you this time!” - Doctor Eggman

  • “Samba!” - Unknown

  • “For Grace, the paradise of Andrew Ryan was most unkind. She spoke against him in song, and he had her blacklisted. It left her penniless… But in the Family she has found hope, a reason to draw breath.” - Sofia Lamb

  • “Send in the choppers! And if you find those kids, don’t waste any time! Just nab 'em!” - Captain Onishima

  • “I know you. That symbol on your hand marks you a dead man. Ten years, Subject Delta, since I watched you put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. But take heart: Out of your pain, paradise was born. I don't know how you survived, but your suffering is over now. These men will ease your burden. Please understand that like all I have done, this … is an act of love.” - Sofia Lamb

  • “We have another letter from Osaka. He writes: 'I burned my house down, now what to I do?' How should I know, fool?” - DJ Professor K

  • Rouge was ranked my second favorite female Sonic the Hedgehog character for a while. And no, it’s not for her looks, but rather her unique personality. Sure, she’s overly sexualized for A BAT, but her rivalry with Knuckles and her unpredictable motives is what makes me lover her. Her greed, her fashion-sense, and her sass is all you need to love this girl.

    “My name is Rouge the Bat. Better known as the treasure hunter, Rouge.” - Rouge the Bat

  • The protagonist of the Space Channel 5 series, Ulala has saved the Galaxy TWICE, and recently a third time with the help of many other reporters. She’s stylish, savvy, unique, and a pleasure to play as, and it’s no wonder why this character was nominated for so many game awards, AND one a select handful!

    Being one of the most popular female heroins in video game history, Ulala is the definition of an appropriate "sexy", and her kindness and combat against evil is also what makes her so lovable.

    “With my new savvy and funky moves, I'll get to the bottom of this!” - Ulala

  • “Hi, there!” - Mew

  • “Yay! I’m special!” - Cubot

  • “Meh weh woo woo...” - MeeMee

  • “We all make choices, but in the end... our choices make us.“

  • “He’s here!” - Elizabeth

  • “Okie!” - Baby

  • “One thing I've learned: if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all.“ - Booker DeWitt

  • “Booker... are you afraid of God?“ - Elizabeth

  • “Captain Onishima failed to stop me, just like you!” - Beat

  • “I’m Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!” - Sonic the Hedgehog

  • “I don’t have time for this. Do you?” - You

  • “Hey, did you gain weight?” - Knuckles

  • “Did you see that Bunnycomb appear?” - Leafos

  • I best know her as Lunette - and recently figured out all she wears are leaves and vines (I honestly thought it was a dress). But she’s cute, perky, and the most-entertaining NPC in Terraria.

    “You should try harder.” - The Dryad

  • “Yeah! We’re gonna have some fun!” - B.D. Joe

  • “Confidence is quiet, you’re not.“ - Aloy

    Basically the Ygritte of video games, Aloy is best known for her skills in archery and her small one-liners that seems to leave a major impact on other characters, and the player. She definitely ranks near the top of my favorite RPCs (Role-Playing Characters).

  • “Set fire to your hair, poke a stick at a grizzly bear. Eat medicine that’s out of date, use your private parts as piranha bate.” - Narrator

    Yes, I did not copy and paste that quote. Dippy is one of my favorite Dumb Ways to Die characters, as is funny to watch. Heck, he even has one of the funniest character deaths of all my opinion.

  • Before Knuckles I had no idea what an echidna was. He changed that for me. Knuckles was one of my defined favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters, and before I even saw him in a video game or even speak...I thought he was a girl. When I played Sonic Generations and he spoke for the first time...I was honestly quite surprised.

    “Out of my way!” - Knuckles

  • Basically the most superior character in all his playable appearances in the Sega All-Stars video games.

    “I knew I’d be the winner!” - Alex Kidd

  • "There is much for J'zargo to be sure of. There is skill in magic, there is charm, and there is a strong will. J'zargo will be successful, of this there is no doubt." - J'zargo