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You Gave Me Random Video Game Characters, And I Ranked Them From Best to Worst

Characters are ranked on an A+ to F scale. Anyone D+ or under is typically considered a disliked character by me.

The ranks: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, and F.

A user is allowed to ask for tow video game characters for me to rank. If I do not know the character, I will not rank them.

List items

  • Looks? Personality? Style? For a fictional character, Gum has it all. She even has one of my favorite color schemes in the Sega canon, and is one of the coolest ladies in video games. She’s personally one of my favorite video game characters of all-time.

    Rank: A

  • Say what you want, but ChuBei is my favorite fictional mouse in video game culture. He’s chubby, tiny, and a freakin adorable character and I enjoyed playing as him in SEGA Heroes, and he and his companions are still a joy to play as in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

    This A- rank is well-deserved for a fun character. My favorite of the ChuChus!

    Rank: A-

  • A cute and lovable sidekick from Shining Force II, Kiwi is easily the most likable character in the game. There’s not much to him, but he makes the game much more fun when chosen as a playable member of the player’s team.

    Rank: B+

  • Arguably one of my favorite arch-rivals in video games; and the boss battle against him the original games is one of my favorites. He’s actually one of my four go-to playable characters in Sega Superstars Tennis, and his mysterious personality and semi-blank history is also what seems to make him great.

    Rank: B+

  • Sonic has Metal Sonic, Beat has Zero Beat, and Ulala has Evila — Evila is the BEST robotic replica in any Sega-related video game. The boss fight may have been frustrating at first, but her robotic voice and her epic introduction/entrance gives me goosebumps every time I play the fourth level in Space Channel 5.

    Rank: B+

  • Rouge is undeniably one of the better female character in the Sonic franchise, probably alongside Amy and Blaze. She’s quite original, but does seem a bit overly-sexualized for a fictional and female bat. But I fell in love with her personality and abilities, and I even ranked her as one of the coolest Sonic characters in an unpublished list.

    Her voice actresses haven’t been the best, the only one I preferred was Kathleen Delaney, who voiced her in Sonic X (the TV series) and the 2006 version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Delaney is arguably the only voice actress to voice Rouge in official media to match the character near-perfectly.

    Rank: B+

  • Heather is one of the false antagonists of the critically acclaimed 1994 genesis video game, Dynamite Headdy. She is a lot of fun in the game, and reading official guidebooks and character profiles just makes her more intriguing. Hopefully, if Sega ever releases a new title in the series, we will see more of her and learn more about Heather.

    Rank: B

  • Ryo is an example of a good protagonist from a video game series, and how to do one right. His arch is great, but it seems his character weakens as the story progresses. Overall, a solid character and one of the better Sega protagonists.

    Rank: B

  • It’s hard to like this guy, I’ll admit. But he’s a character that keeps some points of the story entertaining and keeping the plot moving forward. A good antagonist, by far.

    Rank: B-

  • I didn’t really care about him at first, but Wakka's interactions with other characters and his skills earn him a rightful B- respectively. Hopefully installments in the series I plan on playing do good for him.

    Rank: B-

  • There’s a reason why this character has a fan-following, and it’s clearly deserved. He’s a relatively entertaining character from the Mario franchise, although it’s safe to say that he’s a bit overrated, but that doesn’t excuse how great of a sidekick Diddy Kong is.

    Rank: C+

  • I did find him a bit of an annoyance at first, and he made me slightly cringe. I was never a fan of his wardrobe, but he seems to be a solid protagonist/RPG character.

    Rank: C+

  • Vanessa is not one of my favorite Virtua Fighter characters, and I never think about her. She is a character who can simply be forgotten without a second thought...unless she’s your go-to character. But Vanessa is nowhere near trash, or a terrible character. She is still semi-entertaining during fights, and her cutscenes can be viewed as lovely.

    Rank: C

  • This guy...I could write a whole essay on him and how he is one of the more irrelevant characters of Shining Force II.

    Rank: C

  • He never speaks in the game, and is barely present expect for in the 2020 VR game. I guess a C is well-deserved.

    Rank: C

  • Now I am not fully familiar with the Paper Mario games, but what I’ve seen of Francis (especially that boss fight), I can assure you that I don’t like him and prefer to describe him as a nerdy nuisance.

    Rank: C-

  • I prefer Alex over Steve, but I guess he’s a cool RPG dude. I was never a fan of his attire, and I don’t know a lot about him. I guess the C is reasonable.

    Rank: C-

  • Let me be honest: I was never a fan of Paul. He’s kind of soul-crushing and just seems to be a bit of a joke; a laughing matter. I don’t even care for his attire...even that haircut. But I will give him credit for "trying".

    Rank: D

  • Infinite is one of the big reasons why I ranked Sonic Forces as my least favorite games of all time. He is a spoiled, unlikeable, and egocentric villain with no good qualities whatsoever. Somehow he was able to escape at the end of the game because, for some obscure reason, he has plot armor. Hopefully he doesn’t reappear in the 2022 Sonic game, or else that one might be bad too.

    No offense, but if you like Infinite, you have poor taste. Infinite is currently ranked as the worst video game villain, the video game villain with the worst backstory, and my least favorite video game character of all time.

    Rank: F