7th Annual GB AOTY Poll: "That's My Jam!" Edition

Sorry this poll came so late, too busy thinking about Hellshake Yano
Sorry this poll came so late, too busy thinking about Hellshake Yano

Hello there all you lovely Duders!

While you have been making Top 10 Game of the Year lists, the denizens and lurkers of your local Anime and Cartoon Megathread have been watching a bunch of Japanese cartoons and are now prepared to rank them in an order, so you know which ones to watch (or avoid, depending on your opinion). We've also continued with extra categories if anyone wishes, including best STYYYYLE, best QUALITY, best OP/ED, and more!

RIP Zucchero, at least your namesake is still alive.

This being a community thing, we've opened the floodgates to let everyone (with a Giant Bomb account) vote! So do your duty, let your voice be heard, and despair when some terrible Light Novel adaptation gets enough votes to push an actual good show out of the Top 10, further proving that democracy doesn't work.

Will My Hero Academia retain the belt from last year, or will some upstart knock it down? Only one way to find out! Vote!

How do I vote?

Click here, and enter your username and choices in the respective fields. You can ignore all but the first two questions if you wish, but you'll be missing out! If you need help remembering which anime aired this year, me and @takashichea compiled a big list to peruse through and pick out which show(s) are "Best of 2018" worthy.

How will the votes be counted?

The votes will be tallied by weighted vote first, followed by unweighted vote as a tiebreaker. So if you want your show to have a better shot at winning, you should put it higher on your ballot.

Is this an official Giant Bomb thing?

No, this is all me with help from taka and love from the denizens of the Anime & Cartoon Megathread. Feel free to stop by, we don't bite!

What if my favorite show started before but continued into this year?

For super-long shows or shows with separation between seasons, you'd be only considering the episodes or season that aired this year when making your choice. I don't have a real way of enforcing this, so we're just going to go on the honor system here.

Can I still vote for a show that's not on the list?

If it aired this year and it's missing, let myself or @takashichea know and we'll add it. If it didn't air this year, then feel free to vote for it anyways, just know that it probably won't count.

Anime is for Jerks!

Yes. Also, that's not a question.

How long do I have to vote?

I'll end this around the first weekend of January (subject to change, but that's a good bet).

Have fun!

Thanks! Just shoot me a PM or reply below if you have any questions or comments.