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Too many favorite manga to count so here are some random recs:

Teppu was a great inversion of the battle shounen protagonist while also showing some realistic MMA training/fight scenes, though it ended too suddenly and I doubt it will be getting an official translation stateside.

If you liked the movie Edge of Tomorrow, then check out the manga it was based off: All You Need Is Kill. The ending is slightly darker but it's pretty good.

Hinamatsuri has just started getting an official translation, about a mid-level Yakuza who has to take care of a girl who literally landed on his head after time-warping from a distant future. The story is a lot more funny than it sounds, trust me.

I'll second @imhungry on 20th Century Boys and Monster. Also check out Master Keaton for the artist's older work set around the Cold War. All good stories by Naoki Urasawa, though they each span hundreds of chapters so it'll be some lengthy reading.

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@zilacon: I'm going to assume for the sake of argument that this is an honest query and not just a spam post, because I loved the game and the franchise, even with their respective flaws in later versions.

  1. Do you have a plan for the inevitable C&D order that will come down the pike if this gets far enough along that Nexon (or whoever holds the rights now) takes notice?
  2. Assuming you get past that hurdle, what's your plan for multiplayer netcode as the original servers are down? Are you paying for dedicated servers? How much would you be able to scale them up?
  3. Is anyone getting compensated for their work at some point, or are you relying on unpaid volunteers to carry you across the finish line?
  4. Is this going to be more of a hero/ability shooter a la Overwatch? Objective-based like Counter-Strike? Deathmatch like Quake? Some combination of the three?
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As the Rainbow Six Invitational entered its final stages, Ubisoft dropped quite a few bombshells regarding the future of the game. First off, they're actually introducing some backstory that was previously only available in a few snippets in each Operator's bio. They released this CGI short film featuring Thatcher, Dokkaebi, and the new "Six" in-universe (probably because they didn't feel like paying Angela Bassett again). Ubi also promised to add more story in the near future, though whether that will take form of short stories, short films, short comics, or all three, I don't know yet.

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Also revealed at the Invitational was the news that the Year 4 Roadmap was ready. The first two Operators will be Aussies for Operation Burnt Horizon, combined with a new map set in the Australian Outback. After that will be pairing up additional Operators from USA/Denmark, Peru/Mexico, and Kenya/India. I heard rumors that the new USA Operator will be from the Secret Service, so I expect his abilities will include yelling at civilians to move along and trying not to get caught after stiffing a prostitute on her payment.

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On top of the usual Operator balances which may or may not work, another note from the Roadmap is that the latter 3/4 of the year will be spent reworking already-existing maps that don't see a lot of use in pro play to make them better. Considering the pros only use about 4-6 maps routinely, I don't expect too much backlash, but this being the Internet I'm sure it will happen anyway. Another welcome change is the addition of a "Newcomer" playlist to help acclimate new players to the game by letting them experiment on smaller maps until they get used to the game and their characters. For the veterans, the Ranked Mode will be getting an overhaul with its own in-game hub, and the pick/ban system that only the Pros used will now be a part of this mode.

The most interesting change coming up is a way to combat asshole teamkilling. After the first TK, all further friendly-fire damage will be reflected back at the shooter until the match is over. There's also a possible "forgive" system coming with it, but nothing confirmed yet.

All in all, this is a good time to get back in the game, though personally I'm more interested if they'll be adding more to the story of the R6 Universe or if they'll just leave it up to fanfiction to fill in the blanks and the short film was just a fun way of introducing the new Year 4 DLC.

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@cerberus3dog: the Something Awful Forums would have multiple objections to that claim.

On-topic: holy crap it's really been 10 years? That was the video series that led me to actually play the series for the first time (P4G, natch) and indirectly led me to Anime Vice back when Whiskey Media still existed and was more of a wild west attitude, for better or worse. They never could quite recapture that magic of the Endurance Run in later attempts with Chrono Trigger (though the Metal Gear Solid run-throughs came close), but that was a fun series to experience for the first time.

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Alias: add "Eight Hearts" to Johnson.

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Okay, I finally saw the first few eps of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. It's actually...not bad? A funny little rom-com where a boy and a girl try to make the other say "I Love You!" first and the various gameplans they make in their heads to accomplish that goal. The OPs pretty catchy, and then there's this rotoscoped ED:

I'm not super-enthused about it, but I do like what it's done so far.

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@milijango: I loved Planet With but not enough to make it into my personal top 5, but I encourage everyone to watch it if they can.

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On a separate note, the "I Like You, but Not Like-Like You" award goes to Asobi Asobase, which had more Unweighted votes than the bottom 3 shows in the Top 10, but no one ranked it higher than fourth on their ballot, ultimately keeping it out of the top 10.