Best of 2010

Everyone's got a "Best Of" list, so I figured I might as well add my own. In no particular order...

List items

  • Great story, great action, great characters. A great mix of RPG and shooter elements. Overall just a plain great game.

  • Though the story might be AC2.5, the game was like a full-fledged sequel and the multiplayer was real good.

  • If you can look past the story filled with animu cliches, you'll find one of the deepest fighting games out there. If the visual novel-esque story is up your alley, then bonus.

  • Story was "meh" but the multiplayer is still great.

  • "But DocHaus, this game wasn't even made in 2010!" Well, it updated with brand new weapons and hats in 2010, so it's like the best new game ever! Shut up!

  • Never thought TF2 and DotA elements would go so well together, but somehow they do in this game that finally got free DLC and patch released. Keep your ammo cool and your bacon hot!

  • Frustrating retro gameplay, but the story and the dialogue are fucking hilarious.

  • The story was shit, but the multiplayer was exceptional.

  • It's an RPG where you play the owner of an item shop trying to pay off your deadbeat dad's debt. It's surprisingly fun, if you can deal with the annyoingly cheerful Recette

  • Very good story, gameplay, and well-balanced online even if I do get my shit kicked in on a regular basis.